Mar 8, 2012

Themeparks are no fun.

Lately, I’ve not been playing much in the way of MMOs.  Hence the lack of posts by me.  There is 3 reasons for this.

1: They’re F2P, which usually means you do have to pay, and pay a lot more, to make the game remotely fun, and not just an epic grind.

2: The developers have actually ruined the game (see EQ2, which has had a spectacular fall from grace; from almost Sandbox open world joy, to quest hub ridden WoW wannabe)

3: It’s a dull themepark which holds my attention for the first month then I give up.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the latest in a long line of MMOs that have not delivered what they should be able to, in my opinion.

What I wanted was a MMO where I could wander around the Star Wars universe, getting caught up in skirmishes, exploring, trading and other adventure-y things.  What I got was small “Planets,” limited exploration and the dreaded “Quest Hubs.”  The fact that 99% of my time is spent soloing with my companion is shocking, this is an MMO, Massively Multiplayer Online.  It does the Online bit right, Multiplayer every so often when a quest is deemed “Heroic,” Massively; Nope.  The game is essentially a Single Player RPG with a chat box, now excuse me, I can do this using steam and any other Single Player RPG, doesn’t have a monthly fee either.

Developers, please listen.  Quest Hubs are crap, story arcs are crap, we want to make our own adventures, not your scripted ones, which everyone else will do anyway.  We want to explore, not run to the next quest waypoint. If I want an epic story with cutscenes and all that stuff, I’ll play The Witcher or something, I WILL MAKE MY OWN FUN DAMMIT.

Indie MMO’s like First Earth are far more interesting to “Seasoned” MMO players, who are more likely to stick around, rather than quit and go back to whatever MMO they played before (WoW).

If you want to retain subscribers, and not loose thousands before the first month is up, fill it with content that is freeform, not scripted.  It’s easier for you to do, and we get more fun from it. Simples.


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