Mar 13, 2012

Guild Wars 2: Pre-Purchase on 10th April

Finally, we now know when we can preorder Guild Wars 2.  Go here on the 10th of April.  Physical Collectors Edition is: £129.99/€149.99/$150, the Digital Deluxe at £64.99/€74.99/$69.99 and the Standard Edition at £49.99/€54.99/$49.99. Not exactly cheap, but it looks nice, comes with a Soundtrack, Rytlock Figurine, some art print things with a frame, and an art book, to be fair, the concept art for the game is beautiful. The Digital Deluxe and Collectors edition come with 2 pets; 1 combat, 1 fluff; 2 exp items (single use) and a Banker, who is curiously “5 Days.”  The pets are a cool addition, but the single use items and 5 days for a banker is a bit meh.

Digital Deluxe for me, 129 quid is a bit rich for my tastes, anyone else getting in on the Guild Wars action?


  • £50 is a bit rich for me. Think I’ll sit this out until it comes out on the cheap.

  • Sres, you’re right, but I think this game is worth it, actually has a boatload of features at launch mysteriously missing from other “AAA” MMOs, and no subscription fee. Can’t complain really…

  • I guess, I’m just lacking the gaming bug at the moment.

  • Oh man were getting closer to the great GW2. I am definitely preordering it along with The Elder Scrolls Online when it comes out.

  • I’m sorry to say this but the collectors edition was not worth the £129.99 if you ask me. The figure was nice but it wasn’t worth that kind of money…but that’s just me, I know alot of people who just fell in love with the collector’s editon.

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