Oct 24, 2012

EQNext (Everquest 3) Rumours

MMO giant Sony Online Entertainment are busy on the next big installment of Everquest.  Word has come our way that the Everquest 3 (EQNext) will be a sandbox MMO.

Let’s all hope that their initial project meeting didn’t start with the words, ‘How can we take players from World of Warcraft’, there has been a slew of poor themepark style MMOs over recent years that have tried to beat WoW and quite frankly they’ve all failed, games like SWTOR and GW2 promised so much and never delivered a long lasting gaming experience.

Everquest is and will always be my first home when it comes to MMOs and regardless of what a cluster**** SOE make of it, I will be purchasing the game to play, just to return to the setting that I love so much.

Oh to be a Qeynos Bard again and travel the hills of Qeynos and battle giant green scarabs in the Karana’s.

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