Mar 14, 2013

On Being Lazy.

Ok, I’ll be first to admit it.

This Blog has been neglected.

There is various reasons for that though…

Firstly, there simply isn’t an MMO that is holding any of our collective attentions for long enough for us to formulate an opinion about it, and secondly, we have been busy, Yetian is now a Dad (yay!), Sres hates everything and I moved to Switzerland.

On the MMO front I’ve been giving TERA a second chance since it went F2P, it’s ok, but the nagging feeling that the US servers are getting a considerably better deal is off-putting to say the least.  I tried EQ1, they’ve actually changed it into a clunky EQ2, the game is now officially off my radar until I can find a decently populated Emulated server running the expansions up to Planes of Power.

As it stands, I’m waiting for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, hoping that it will deliver, ArcheAge, though some reports are painting it as a bit meh, and finally Bless and Black Desert, which both look really good, but are a bit of an unknown quantity.

I digress, I now have a PC with an interweb connection (oh god, the price on things here hurts my soul) so I shall endeavour to post more often.

Again, apologies for the slacking!


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