Aug 1, 2013

New Look!

Finally, after several thousand hours in some graphic design application, and many years browsing the interwebz for a new WP theme, we have a newly designed website.

Much love and thanks to Sres for fixing the CSS and stuff, and to Yeti for not hating it when he eventually sees it.


  • Yeti not hate? O.O

    • He’s not seen it yet!

  • This is kind of funny…. I was cleaning up my “favourite” links and was going to remove this site due to lack of activity but thought let me see if the site has been updated and low and behold its got updated today!

    The new skin looks nice but I am finding it hard to read the text on the black background. Maybe its my eyes but I really have to focus on the text to read it.May be different colour to the ext might help…

    /wave at Sres and Yetian. Do you guys remember me? Its been long time since I played any games with you guys.

    • I’m no HTML wizz, but im looking for the option to make it white, hang in there!

    • Any better?

    • Hey lost, course I remember you :P What you playing these days? Personally I’m battering Planetside 2 on Briggs server.

      • Yay, lot easier to read now!

        I am playing EQ2 again but uber casual style :) Mostly log into chat to people really.

        I am short on time for MMOs right now and most of the MMOs don’t really tickle my fancy so taking it easy and waiting for the Next Big Thing really! Fingers crossed for EQ Next. EQ2 was my first MMO (with all you guys in UU) and no other MMO came to that experience since then…

  • Hey lost. :)

    I’m now playing Wurmonline, The secret world and some Planetside 2.

    I’m hoping EQNext will be the next main game for Nexus, I’m sure we’ll al try it at least.

    I do need to write again on here, I just slack. Plus I prefer to write about in game experiences other than news and not sure people read those posts as much. ;)

    • Hi Yetian,

      I have heard lot of good things about Wurmonline and the secret world but never had the chance to try them out. Just not got enough times these day…

      I think people like to read about other people game experiences. I certainly do anyway! It can be quit interesting and an eye opener since the same game can be approached differently.

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