Aug 1, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: 2.0: A Realm Reborn: Part Deux

As Final Fantasy XIV is approaching it’s 4th Beta test (which will have no character wipes unless something truly awful happens), widely rumoured to be the 9th of August, not long before the games August 27th release date, Square Enix have decided to unleash their Benchmark and Character creation tool (available here).  My other half and I decided to make our characters ready, and I must say we look pretty darn spiffing.  There’s also a benchmark to see if the game will actually run on your PC; the games first iteration was notoriously un-optimised, but I’m happy to say it runs perfectly on my modest system.

Few more pics after the break.

Formulae, Sexy Manelf of much Lancing and Expat, Thaumaturge of magical magicks.

Formulae, Sexy Manelf of much Lancing, and Expat, Thaumaturge of magical magicks.

2013-08-01 20_44_32-FINAL FANTASY XIV_ A Realm Reborn Official Benchmark (Character Creation)

2013-08-01 20_48_33-Greenshot 2013-08-01 20_48_23-Greenshot 2013-08-01 20_48_11-Greenshot 2013-08-01 20_47_51-Greenshot 2013-08-01 20_47_40-Greenshot 2013-08-01 20_46_55-GreenshotThe game looks rather fantastic, and from what I’ve played from the 2nd and 3rd phase of the Beta, it’s also pretty damn fun to boot.  I’m thinking this’ll be my MMO Home until EQNext, if that doesn’t disappoint.  If you know of a nice Free Company on the Ragnarok server, let me know!




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