Aug 2, 2013

SOE Live 2013 – Everquest Next

If you hadn’t noticed, SOE Live 2013 is currently happening over in the USA, they’ve been talking about Everquest Classic, Everquest II and today (Aug 2) there will be a keynote about Everquest Next of which there has been a complete media blackout by SOE as well as a rewrite from the ground up.

The first details are starting to emerge about Everquest Next, yesterday they gave a sneak preview of the Everquest Next theme tune written by Jeremy Soule (he of Skyrim Legend).

Everquest Next Theme

Everquest II keynote

Other keynote announcements included Expansion 10 for Everquest II, ‘Tears of Veeshan’, the main feature to be added is a new class called the Channeler, a priest archetype with construct pet with customisable parts that you can mix and match. It’s a range class healer type, sounding like a cross between a magician and a healer.

There are also mercenary slots and a revamp of Frostfell zone. They’re also adding Highkeep into the expansion.

Everquest keynote

Everquest’s next expansion (20 I think /boggle), is ‘Call of the Forsaken’, including voiceovers a new race/class combo (no details as yet).

More to come over the next few days…


  • Really hope they announce EQNext to be a subscription only game. No cash shop, just an old school recurring monthly sub. We can only dream!

    • Unless something bad happen to somkeyjummer and his team, sadly there is no way in hell EQNext is going subscription. I am 100% sure it will be F2P but the real question is how much F2P will affect the game. Compared to some games out there EQ2 F2P model isn’t all that bad so it all depends on how greedy SOE gets for EQNext…

      So I take it all you guys are waiting for EQNext as the Next Big Thing then?

      I was so hyped about GW2 but got burnt so taking pessimistic appraoach to EQNext but secretly hoping lol

      • GW2 was really good, while it lasted, it was so good, you kept on playing and ended up blasting through the content. You were left with nothing much to do apart from grind for legendary weapons. If theres one thing you cannot accuse SOE of, it’s launching an EverQuest game that’s lacking content. The F2P lark bothers me though, any F2P model is cack in my opinion, they are designed to gather revenue, not for the players benefit. Time will tell, but I wants my subby games back!

        • I don’t have a problem with F2P on Planetside 2, pretty decent one that, since going back to playing I haven’t paid for time on, I did get Station Cash back when Planetside 2 was released the bargin 3 for 1 offer, ended up buying 40 quids worth and gettin 120 quids worth.

        • Definitely the initial released GW2 game was good. I loved their world design, its an explorers dream. However, like you say, once you get to max level it falls flat. I still log into GW2 now and again and mess about and its good for that kind of things but it doesn’t have any depth to keep you going long term.

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