Aug 2, 2013

SOE Dead 2013 – Dragon’s Prophet

SOE announced that Dragon’s Prophet would be “launched” in September during the first keynote of their SOE Live convention in Las Vegas.  My question is; will anyone actually be playing by then?

A bit of background: I managed to get a Dragon’s Prophet beta key (after signing up for a chance at a key with SOE and Infernum, the European publisher) a few weeks before it went into it’s current phase, open beta, and thought the game showed a lot of promise, a couple of translation issues and it would be there.  SOE and Infernum, started offering Founders Packs, so having enjoyed my time in the beta, I decided to drop some coins for the middle tier package, the Dragon Master pack.  I’m a sucker for melee pet classes, and all the classes fitted the bill…

This is where I made my first mistake.  Seeing how badly ProSiebenSat.1 had handled EverQuest 2, and how Gameforge basically ruined TERA, I decided to go with the “safe” option of spending my monies with SOE.  As it turns out, Infernum are doing a sterling job, since I attempted to get a beta key from them, I’m still on their Dragon’s Prophet mailing list.  They keep getting updates, key codes for exp potions, bag slots, and all that good stuff.

Meanwhile from the SOE Dragon’s Prophet camp: I’ve been informed that there’s an EQNext announcement at SOE Live, and very little else.  To be fair though, SOE have managed to get The Brasse, the cosplaying dwarf of EQ fame, to be their community manager, she does a good job, but Community managers can’t actually get stuff fixed.

Back to the gameplay side of things, there doesn’t seem to be anyone playing, I am aware I’m from Europe playing on US servers, but it’s dead at all times of day, where are my peeps at?!

They probably left because it’s not really workable as a F2P game, you’ll fill up the very limited inventory space in no time, and with only 2 slots for dragons, it’s pretty pointless to invest much time in training them as you’ll end up having to change them about.

As a Founder, I got 4000-something Station Cash points, which I thought would last a fairly long time, buy myself the occasional fluff item, turns out that half of them are taken by unlocking inventory slots and dragon slots (for one character, so Alts are out of the question)… not to mention the SC fee to respawn where you died, instead of the often huge distances to get back to where you fell.  Biggest gripe of all is that the 2 higher tier founder packs (Dragon Master and Dragon Lord) both get a house.  I loved the housing system in EQ2, so this was right up my proverbial street, as it happens, you get a house “item” in your inventory, and have to buy the plot of land, which costs bazillions, and millions on top of that every time rent is due.  Pleased I was not, so my “House” remains a little icon in my (overfilled) inventory, THANKS SOE!

My advice?  Don’t become a founder, wait until the game has “matured” and see if anyone is still playing, and if the game is still supported.

This entire escapade does not fill me with hope for SOE’s new games, as I sincerely believe F2P does not benefit the player in any way.  Bring back 14 day free trials, subscriptions and kill off those damned cash shops!  We’ll find out tomorrow what SOE are doing with EQNext…


  • I tried out Dragon Prophet and I’ll be honest after making my character and watching the dialogue to get to the first village I just gave up… dull as dishwater…

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