Aug 3, 2013

Say no to ProSiebenSat.1!

As I am someone from Europe, registering interest in joining the rather blogged about EverQuest Next is becoming an issue.  If I wanted to, I could go to the EU site, and register there and be done with it, but unfortunately, SOE seems to be offloading EU players onto ProSiebenSat.1, who happen to be awful.

I’ve heard tales of items being lost in EverQuest 2, and GMs not doing a thing about it; characters being deleted after patches, servers going down unexpectedly and other general bits of crappery.  I personally had the pleasure of having money in my shared bank going missing after a patch, didn’t get it back, luckily it was just a few gold, but it’s not good enough.

If you play an SOE game, and are in Europe, and are not happy with this (and if you are, you are mental) please click HERE to sign a petition to allow EU players access to SOE’s superior support for their first party games (we won’t talk about how they handle other developers games).

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