Aug 4, 2013

I’m sick of Indar…

I’ve been playing Planetside 2 for a few months now, after originally playing it on Miller, (which I found incredibly laggy and over populated). I moved to Briggs to join a friend who was playing there. I’m really enjoying it, I had a bunch of station cash which I spent on my new character (Infidella), it’s been good fun, in the early stages I thought that the latency issues were helping me out, but this isn’t so now, but I have one issue… Indar…

Indar is a great continent, open desert areas, hills and outposts that are essentially grind zones for infantry and air, without those pesky tanks getting in the way… But I hanker for the cold reaches of Esimar, the barren glacial rivers and deserted out crops prime for infiltrators. More than likely players don’t like it because they can’t blend into the background without station cash, as camo is a necessity on Auraxis’ best continent.

There are some amazing battles over Vanu Archives and most recently something that looked liked the battle scene from Attack of the Clones with tanks, planes and infantry all clashing in the middle of nowhere after a hard fought capture by the Vanu.

When I originally started the game I fell into my original utility player style, as an ex-bard from Everquest, I took naturally to the self sacrifice that is healing or fixing things, so Medic and Engineer took precedence. This time around I decided to become a solo player, I am unaffiliated and very rarely do I accept squad invites. This has worked in my favour as jumping into huge battles tends to get you dead.  I enjoy capturing and defending spawn points, this to me is the point of the game.

Range shots on Indar

Being a merc in Planetside 2 is great fun, it feels great to just jump around the continent helping to sort things out, just last night I was able to assist in the save of a base that had little more than 6 seconds left on an NC capture or alternatively defend a base from attack by taking out a harasser, a handful of infantry and 2 sunderers, which essentially neutralised the attack.

What I find fun about Planetside 2 is the style of F2P that they have put together, if you want to get through the game quickly then subscription is probably for you, but I’m quite happy to trundle along spend a few coins on station cash to get better weapons, camo and the odd nice decal.

I just wish the server population would play other continents, roll on Hossin…


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