Aug 21, 2013

TESO: Subscription Based – UPDATED

Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks announced that The Elder Scrolls Online will have a subscription fee.

Personally, I think this is tremendous news. As someone who doesn’t like the Free-to-Play model, I hope this begins a trend back towards subscriptions and the Buy-to-Play model used by Guild Wars 2, The Secret World and Defiance.

After playing Final Fantasy XIV in last weekends phase 4 beta test, I can tell you how refreshing it was to have all your inventory available without having to delve into a cash shop, with Wildstar also having subs, I’m hoping developers move towards constantly adding engaging content to keep people playing, rather than going for the quick buck with cash shop fluff.

It’ll be costing around £9 a month, so not bad at all. Here’s hoping the game lives up to The Elder Scrolls name.

UPDATE: It seems TESO will have a fluff item cash shop in addition to a subscription, this screams of a cash grab and laying the groundwork for a switch to F2P at a later date. Disappointing.


  • Subscription?? Well. That’s a dealbreaker, then.
    Shame, game was looking nice.
    They can copy GW2 in so many other things, why could they not have copied the business model as well? It works very well there. But subscriptions? No sir. Definitely not. Subscriptions are practically dead – for good reason.

    • Nah, subscriptions are the best model, £9 is excellent value for a proper, fully featured, AAA MMO. GW2 was nice, but they caught you on the very limited bank space, which was shared between your characters, it soon filled up, and then you needed expansions bought with gems, you also needed to buy extra character slots etc.

      • I also prefer subs over F2P and £9 per month for game you enjoy is excellent value for money. I mean going to movie cost about the same! Also as you say every game design decision in a F2P game is *designed* to nudge you towards their cash shop. The main complaint with a sub is that the game will have built in grind to keep you playing but I have enjoyed many of those “grinds” in past MMO! I enjoyed the levelling grind, acquiring gear grind etc. I consider them as good grinds! If you think MMO (even GW2 is full of grinds) don’t have grinds, then you are kidding yourself.

        Anyway I have a feeling some of these games will go F2P after few months. I don’t believe these games have longevity built in them to keep subs going. I think they are trying to milk the early adaptors by selling them a box and then subs for few months. If this is the case then their new model of “sub then switch to f2p” is evil!

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