Sep 2, 2013

Why would you even call yourself THAT?!

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a week or so now.  It is good.  Very good, infact.  Unfortunately, some of the players have a less than active imagination when choosing what to call themselves in game…


I’m no roleplayer, but your name should your name. It is kinda immersion breaking to go on a quest to vanquish a great evil, and your party of brave adventurers includes someone called Epic Dave.  Above is just a small selection of the odd names people have selected, there are many more… I wish there was an actual person employed to check character names are at least names, and not something worse (which has since been fixed).  On my travels I’ve seen a load of truly awful/unoriginal names.  I now make a point of asking any Lannister I meet “Are you paying?” to which there is often a puzzled response, to which I reply “I thought a Lannister always pays.”  Oh god my sides!  There seems to be a lot of Lannisters and Starks, it was the same back in EverQuest 1 after the first Lord of The Rings film came out, every other character you saw was called Legolasss, Legalas, Legoolos etc. (also, I recall a fair amount of people changing their surname to Evanescence, after the pretend emo goth band, there is no accounting for taste it seems.)

Unoriginality seems to be rife, I’ve seen hundreds of Tifaa Lockhhart, Tiffa Lookhearts and other spellings.  The Striffe family seems to be huge.  Square Enix has actually locked out people being called Cloud Strife, Rinoa Heartilly et al, but they didn’t manage to stop people from deliberately misspelling those names. There is also a trend for vaguely Japanese sounding names, this trend is puzzling.  I get that the game is developed in Japan, but Final Fantasy 14 is resoundingly Western in it’s Medieval High Fantasy setting.  So far I have met 1 Samurai style NPC, and 100s of heavily armoured Knights.  Those Japan-esque names don’t really fit the style of the game.

I leave you with this:  Why did you think this was a good name? WHY?



  • I don’t know if its good thing or bad thing but I recognises most of the names referenced!

    Slightly off topic, I wasn’t interested in FF but now I am seeing good reviews about it minus the server capacity issues. Will you recommended to some one who like EQ2/ WoW (vanilla) ?

    Which server are you on? Is it having capacity issues? Are you in “Nexus” guild or some random one?

    Once my new PC arrives in 10 days time I might five FF a go…

  • I would recommend it to you, it has some difference to EQ2, the global cooldown took me a while to get used to and there is a lot more movement involved to avoid attacks.

    We’re on Ragnarok (EU Legacy), all 4 of us, haven’t decided yet if we’re going to form a Free Company, but we have a Linkshell already (linkshells are a kinda chat channel thing).

    It seems all servers are having capacity issues, and I can see why, what with it being number 3 in the UK all format charts this week.

  • Finally got new PC and had go at FF14. I am level 15 now and I think I am enjoying the game very much! I thought I will join a guild and wondering if you guys are in a guild and might be interested in a new member?

    • Well if you’re on the Ragnarok Server, drop by and leave an application post in our forums.

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