Mar 24, 2009

From Copperdale to Eanna

Chopping Trees!As I’ve tried some PvP in Darkfall and done a few PvE quests, I figured it was time to try my hand at harvesting in the game. One of the starter quests gives you a Mining Axe and a Wood Axe, for well I’m sure you can work it out. ;)

I completed the quest and had a think about which craft I would like to try as It’s only fair to give all aspects of the game a try where possible. I decided as I liked the idea of Archery and arrows are expensive I’d become a Bowyer and make my own bows and arrows. I may be wearing some shiny armour (crap but shiny all the same), but that will no doubt be stolen at some point and I like the idea of sneaking about with my bow and arrows at the ready.

I spent a couple of hours harvesting iron and timber in the hope I could sell some to raise enough cash (500 gold), to learn the bowyer skill. I managed to sell some but most people wanted massive quantities so I decided I’d try and sell a chest Key I’d found sometime earlier. Chests it seems are scattered throughout the world and certain creatures drop keys to open these chests, I’d previously got lucky and looted one from the corpse of a Goblin I’d killed. It was whilst trying to sell these chests a player named Maximus Espaniard contacted me asking the price, I said I’d seen them go for between 150-300 gold and he suggested I open a chest myself with it. He also suggested to my surprise that he’d guide me to a chest that I could open!! I was a bit dubious about this and left my key in the bank until we got near as I couldn’t help but think that Maximus would kill me and take the chest loot once I opened the said box.

New breastplate and Enchanted daggersOff we trecked towards and through the Heart of Eanna, a Human town which looked nice and not too busy, more on that later. Past Eanna we ran and to a small tower with a bank outside, here I removed the key and we ran a short distance to the chest which lay just on the shoreline half submerged in water. I opened the chest and the loot was worth it, 200g, a set of enchanted daggers (+strength) and a scaled breastplate! I quickly thanked Maximus and ran to the bank as fast as I could, as he’d said that there were hostile race players around. So if you read this, thanks for the help Maximus and you’ve managed to restore some faith on my part in the Darkfall player base.

I spent the next hour or so buying my Bowyer skill and doing a couple of quests to try and raise the cash for the crafting tools needed to make some arrows and a bow. I still have some way to go to raise the cash as after buying the Bowyer skill I have around 30 gold and all the tools will set me back around 150 gold.

Heart of Eanna

I did decide after doing some quests and wandering around Eanna, that the town should be my new home and as a result bound myself there.

I have 16 days left on my subscription, so hope to collect enough gold to try crafting before I make my decision on whether or not I continue playing Darkfall Online.


  • Thank you for your kind words.

    I hope you 'll enjoy the game as much as i do.

    Your writing skills are remarkable.

    You make it sound like a story.

    Hope to see you in-game.

  • Hi Maximus, good to see you remembered the URL for our blog. :)

    I've 16 days on my sub to decide whether or not I continue, whatever happens it's nice to know there are people in game that are willing to help without sticking the literal knife in your back.

  • I ll be happy to help you as much as i can.

    As i told you this is my first mmorpg so you could consider me as an "explorer".

    I know the feeling of being killed and being deceived (sorry for my english,i am Greek).

    I have lost many times everything, but i don't really care as this is part of the game.

    Hope to see you soon ingame my friend!

    Take care.

  • @Yetian, I agree with the Spaniard! Great write up. I too felt like I was in a story.

    I did not know that DFO had chests, similar to UO… damn. Now I'm jonesing to play.

  • Cheers Ryan. :)

    Maybe I'll have to write about my other MMO's in the same manner. ;)

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