Mar 31, 2009

Epic orly?

On Sunday I finished my Fabled Epic in Everquest 2.  I finally collected Sedition from Kunzar Jungle and was surprisingly underwhelmed by the entire epicness of it all.

Sedition Shadowknight Fabled EpicDon’t get me wrong, I’m pleased to have this new shiny sword of Sedition and want to thank the guild and various other people for helping me get the sword, I just felt that the whole epic feel had been lost due to the simplicity of completing the quest.

Ok; lets look at it this way, the Mystical Sedition of shiny glory is going to be an Epic event, the quest requires multiple Raid Events and frankly I can’t see myself getting in on any of that any time soon.

So to call this sword an Epic is really doing the Mystical version a disservice in my opinion.  What too call it though?  On a good day you could probably have completed this Epic quest within a week, a good group of players could have powered through all of the zones and quests in no time at all.

Epic FailTo me when you label something Epic it needs to be that, sure it was a long quest but it certainly wasn’t challenging in any way, shape or form.  Perhaps it’s because we’re all so well equipped compared to when the quest came out.  The epic portion has been down graded to possibly less epic but more fun than a regular quest.

Getting my epic became more important after Wodge left the guild for more raiding.  I was struggling to keep agro from Orang who is clearly better equipped than myself and so gaining hatred was an important factor.

Anyway, I’m chuffed with my new sword and I’m sure it will help the guild advance into some of the more difficult shard zones and potentially when we get some more guys to level 80 and equipped the lesser raid zones that we see.


  • Grats Sres. :)

    I agree with your point about the Mythical sword being the real epic as technically the epic quest is the whole line up to the Mythical version. The fact you get a fabled item part way through is really more like Epic part 1. Most people call it the Fabled Epic and some raid groups ask for characters who have their Mythical, rather than epic weapon.

  • Well done on getting the epic mate, damn nice piece of kit regardless of it being the mythical version or not.

    I agree totally with your post, the "epic" quests are frankly pants, and the mythical quest is even worse. As a paladin my epic involved killing iksar in sebilis a bit, then talking to some frogs, then doing some more wholesale iksar slaughter before killing some random guy in the jungle. Not the tasks of a Holy Knight. Where's my damsels in distress? Where's my holy order of the holy people? I want Epic to be Epic. The mythical quest was even worse, talk to some bloke in the Jarsath Wastes, kill 3 mobs (Izmok's Revenge, some golem in the Protectors Realm, a Widowmistress with a name I forget, and Hoshkar, a dragon with a completely rubbish fight) and then go back to get your sword upgraded… pants…

    Still, I am pleased with both forms of the epic weapon, not going into what i'd change on it, double attack for a start, but the actual quests were rubbish. My EQ1 beastlord had an epic quest that felt epic, a tale of revenge against a rogue beastlord who started a war with his old guild, fantastic, especially the final battle in fungus grove, which i did solo!

  • Everquest Epic was everything in the sense of the word. I did the Bard Epic and it involved a number of dragon kills and various mobs and lots of running some of it on timers.

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