Apr 7, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things…

So after a fair bit of time when the hardest thing I was tanking was Crucible, with the occasional Protectors Realm “social” raid I have finally started tanking proper raids again!

wodgeraid1I first had to find me some raiding action, and had been getting /tells from my offtank from when I was the Main Tank for a raid alliance called Avit to come join his guild, and to be honest, I hadn’t been getting on with the Tank regime at my old guild, so I jumped ship to get me on a more regular, and more importantly, interesting raid spot. My first raid with my new guild <The Asylum> was another Veeshans Peak run, yes, boring for all you Ubers out there, but this was my 2nd ever run through, and I was picked to be Offtank! Go me!  Had a few problems on Druushk, but nothing we couldn’t beat, and we finished with the last wing to go the following night.  There was a hitch with this plan, the Main Tank was off to fill his face with curry, so I had to take over tanking duties, now for someone who’s never tanked anything harder than the first 3/4ths of Kor’sha, a tier 2 raid zone, to be thrown in the deep end of a tier 4 raid zone, in a raid with a group down, well… I wasn’t expecting things to go well, and for the first 2 pulls, they didn’t.  wodgeraid8First pull, I got an add, with no offtank to back me up, I went down, and fast!  Second pull didn’t go too well either, I dived after the mob, who was closing in on the raid fast, and got wedged behind a rock, no line of sight to the healers and… boom! Dead again.  After the initial nerves, and it was nerves, never tanked mobs that hit so damned hard before. I got back into it, started treating it like an instance run, harder mobs, but more people to beat them down was the rationale.


Now this is probably not the correct order for the named mobs, but I’d like to bring the Bees up as my first port of call on my tale.  Now this mob is fought just outside a massive beehive inside the peak, daft idea, I know, but the entire idea of monsters waiting in dungeons to be looted is absurd… regardless, I didn’t think this fight went too well… wodgeraid7To start, a few waves of rather large and angry bees attack the raid, it’s my job to grab their attention so the raid can smack them about in relative safety,  this went well, but during all this commotion, the named Bee, some Queen of sorts, started picking people off, I think it got 2 or 3 before I managed to get some taunts on it, but as primarily an instance tank, I was not happy with that, I do like to do entire instance runs without loosing aggro ONCE, and I can manage it quite often, when paying attention that is!  Now tanking for a pickup raid, and tanking for an actual raid guild are entirely different beasts, Pickups tend to be a bit more “slack” and if i’m being honest, easier to tank for, Raid guilds on the other hand, push you, challenge you for aggro, and it certainly is tricky keeping a lid on that bubbling pot of DPS.wodgeraid2

Lesson learned, I cannot have all the aggro, all the time; we moved on, quite possibly to Hoshkar (unsure of the order) who I’ve met before on my first jaunt here to get my shiny Truth of Marr.  Now this is quite frankly the daftest I’ve felt playing an MMO, the strategy for this particular lizard goes as follows:  The raid stands on a small island in the lava,  circling a larger island upon which Hoshkar stands, presumably waiting for people to come kill him.  wodgeraid9On the smaller island the raid force is protected from Hoshkar’s nasty Area of Effect abilities, but should the Dragon come into contact with the lava, he becomes immune to all forms of damage.  The trick is to get the Main Tank, Me, to get the Lizards attention, and run him around the edge of his island, keeping taunts and the like on him, but keeping him within range of the smaller island, where the rest of the raid force resides, keeping me alive, and slowly killing the mob (mobile object, an old EverQuest term describing any of the various monsters and inhabitants of the world who are there soley for the purpose of killing).  Whoever designs this stuff is obviously on some form of medication, utter madness I tell you, bring back the old “Tank and Spank” mobs I say!


Next up on my beastiary of the dragon kind we have Silverwing, a fairly tough fight, the strat involves a straight burn, but when the mob hits a certain percentage of health, a member of one of the class archtypes (Scout, Priest, Mage, Fighter) is choosen at random to go click some statue somewhere.  This, as you may have guessed, would’ve been an issue as the only fighter on the raid, but to give us half a chance, our guild leader logged in his Brawler. Luckily for us, the brawler had to run off and do the clicking, leaving me free to tank the mob, who went down on the first pull!

wodgeraid6The final beast in the Peak is a double encounter, The Shade of Khalan Dar, some ghost dragon, and Phara Dar, a proper dragon, another odd fight, we needed to kill the shade first, simple enough, except when it reset on the first pull (not a wipe!) and then the fun begins… Phara has a cheeky ability that he sticks on the tank, which I have no recollection of apart from when I got it, I had to stop tanking the mob and let the monk/bruiser have a go.  That mob, like the rest of ‘em, went down relatively easily.


Since this raid, I’ve been tanking whatever raid I can, from Mistmoore Inner Sanctum and The Executioners Throne room to Tier 6 content like Poets Palace: Return and the Court of Al’afaz, and to be honest, I’ve done it more for the fun of smacking some monsters about while ordering 23 other people to do my bidding than the oh so important Achievement Experience we all need. Megalomaniac tendancies, anyone?

Dotted around this post are some random pictures of Exquisite chests, my fingers aren’t fast enough to hit prtscrn before the mob dies I’m afraid… :D wodgeraid10

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  • Yay screenshots! You might not be fast enough to hit printscreen before the mob dies, but atleast you hit it sometime, unlike me who always thinks of hitting print screen when the mob is already dead =/

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