Apr 10, 2009

The benefits of a good guild

Last night I logged on to Everquest 2 for our guilds Thursday Heritage Quest night. Each week we get together to complete Heritage Quests to earn status for the guild as well as experience and status for those involved. Status allows the guild to level which in turns unlocks various new items and sometimes amenities for the guild hall.

This week our HQ organiser had planned for us to do An ancient desert power which takes place in the Sinking Sands. We headed out with a full group mentoring down to 65 and picked up a few other players on the way also wanting to do the HQ.

Before all of us arrived someone had accidently run over the spawn point and spawned the mobs we wanted, by the time the rest of us got there the targets had de spawned. The Rahotep x2 epic part of this quest has a 2 hour re spawn time, so we had a bit of a wait ahead.

Rather than stand around for 2 hours we decided to go quickly help a guild mate finish his HQ in Nek Castle. After this we headed to Karnor’s Castle and Sebilis for the Warden Epic updates which 2 of us needed. We headed off and managed to get both epic updates within the 2 hours before Rahotep would re spawn for us, after which we headed back to Sinking Sands.

Once there we picked up the 3 players who had been with us before and dispatched Rahotep in quick time resulting in 6 Heritage Quest completions for the guild.

I guess the point of this post is, time spent in MMO games is all the more enjoyable if spent with a bunch of like minded players who make the game a much more fun experience. I’ve been with neXus since our formation nearly 4 years ago (our 4th birthday is in a few weeks), during those years we’ve had 2 real life meets and lots of MMO experiences together. We have a branch in Lord of the Rings Online as well as Everquest 2 and often try new MMO’s together.

In the original Everquest I went through a fair few guilds settling in one that I also enjoyed being a part of, but none of those guilds had the same feel as I have with neXus. I count members of my guild as friends and always enjoy logging into a game where neXus exists as I know I’ll enjoy the upcoming gaming session.

If your in a guild as good as ours and one you feel at home in, make the most of it and stay as long as the guild exists, you’ll enjoy your MMO’s much more for it. Next time you see someone hopping guilds have a think, they may just be looking for that MMO home from home. :) For me at least, MMO’s are as much about the people you play with as the games you play.


  • That'll be me that triggered the event early ;)

  • Plonker…

  • Had at chat regarding this subject with another user of this forum a couple of weeks ago. Yes, vast amounts of beer was involved and my memory might be a bit inaccurate, but the essence is fairly easy to reacall.

    The difference between the friends you get from a good guild and "real" friends, is in some ways smaller than you might think. What makes friends more than mere aquaintaces (is that a word? :p) would charactarize most good guildies. In neXus I often see ppl that would offer help without being asked to or help out without expecting anything in return, wich is exactly what you would expect from friends. The comparison is of course not entirely accurate as you get a better group in return of your time, so you do (indirectly) expect something.

    The point is that there is no sence in comparing the types of friends or agents as they operate different worlds, having said that, I think a lot of ppl have as good virtual friends than IRL.

    I know this was a bit off topic and probably just one post regarding this out of a million :-)

  • I agree HP. :) I do count many neXian's as RL friends too having met more than a few, hopefully you'll be added to that list in August. ;)

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