Jun 21, 2009

Another Alt is Born

Gallish the Kerra TroubadourMy current main Yetian is level 80 in t2 shard armour and has picked up his 1st tier 3 shard piece. I’ve finished Jarsath and have started working the quests in the Moors of Ykesha. A bit late I know but I wanted to finish the RoK lines first. I think Yetian currently has about 147 Achievement points and is working at edging closer to the 200 cap.

As our guild now has 2 soon to be 3 level 80 healer mains other than myself, one of which is another Warden, I thought I’d make an alt to level up for use in guild groups. I still plan to play Yetian as my main but as my other level 80 character is also a healer it would be nice to have an alternative.

Gallish is a now level 21 Troubadour and Jeweler in training. I’ve gone for a Kerra for no other reason than I liked the look of a Kerra Bard. I’m working down the AP line to Fortissimo at the moment and have 1 point in that ability. There are a couple of other AP abilities  I also plan to work towards. I’m not too familiar with Bards though so if anyone has any tips feel free to leave your comments. I’ve yet to die with Gallish something that I’m sure will happen as I start grouping a bit more. I also haven’t made any equipment for him yet, although I plan to do that when he hits the next level (22).

I chose the name Gallish from the Yorkshire dialect (I’m a Yorkshireman myself ;) ). The name Gallish is made up of two words, Gal meaning Gossip and Lish meaning Smooth. I figured a smooth talking/singing bard fitted.

I’ve turned combat XP off to take things slowly and try and build up a good collection of AP’s as I level Gallish. I’m not turning off quest XP too before anyone suggests it, as I said I’ll take things slowly, not painfully. ;)

The great thing about EQ2 is although this is the latest in my army of alts, each character brings different experiences as you level. I never get bored levelling a character, granted at 70-80 the quests you do are pretty much the same but I still enjoying working through them with a different character. As they add more quests for those levels (upcoming game update), there will be greater variation in how you progress along with questing.

So who else is an alt addict like me? Let me know your alt tales of exploration and the inevitable deaths along the way.

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