Jun 27, 2009

New EQ2 expansion Sentinel’s Fate

According to Zam a new Everquest 2 expansion Sentinel’s Fate has been announced!

The expansion is based around Odus and will explore both the Kerra and Erudite lore in much more detail. The level cap will also be raised to 90.

As my main Yetian is a Barbarian Warden the next bit of news has me excited…. Halas is back!! That’s right, Halas is to return in the form of a new starting city, at the same time as the release of the expansion.

Other news mentioned at Zam is the move to a 3 monthly update cycle for Everquest 2 and the news that Game Update 53 will allow a character to “down-tier” without having to mentor another character. This will allow you to complete quests solo at the right level, which previously would have been grey.

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