Jul 7, 2009

Be afraid… be very afraid

As some of you may know (from other posts), my main is Yetian a Barbarian Warden. My other level 80 character is also a healer, Mawmet a Sarnak Inquisitor. I have a 70 Necro, a 73 Wizard and a few low level alts.

My latest alt and the one I’d planned to spend the most time on (between gathering Achievement points with Yetian), is Gallish my Kerran Troubadour.

The other day however a few guild mates suggested I level my created but pretty much untouched Dwarf Paladin, Bruenark…

Now the last time I had a tank character was back in EQ1 when Bruenark, named as a variant of Bruenor from the Drizzt books, was created. Bruenark was my first ever MMO character, a Paladin on the Mithaniel Marr server. I did enjoy a tank but since then I’ve played finger waggler’s (Mages) and healers, with my main always ending up as a healer.

As our guild is a bit short on tanks we often have one of our members MJ swapping from his main Orang (Brigand) to his 80 guardian Milkyjoe. MJ does this without complaint and having members like this is what makes our guild great, but we are taking valuable time from his Brigand, so it would be nice to share the load a bit.

We also have our very own MMO author Ffaffner who can play his Paladin, though he prefers his fancy pants Swashbuckler. As well as the above we also have another Paladin and other guild members that are on their way up in levels.  We are not devoid of tanks, but MJ’s about the only one who is around on a regular basis so I thought I’d give tanking a go. Granted it will take me a while to get there and we will probably have a few more at the top end before then, but it will be interesting to re-learn the tanking trade and as a healer it’s always nice to understand the other archetypes better.

While I still want to level Gallish my Troubadour (with combat XP off to gather more AP’s), I think it may well be time for the Bruenark of old to resurface in Everquest 2. Whether I make it all the way to 80 or get sidetracked remains to be seen. There’s always the temptation to play Gallish and if we end up with a few more high level tanks in the guild I might not make it there with Bruenark.

It is sure to be an interesting experience for me, as  my tanking skills are a bit rusty. With this in mind I apologise in advance if I enter any pickup groups during my retraining. ;)

NOTE: As we already have 3 pally’s in the guild, Bruenark has decided to change career path and embrace the ways of a Beserker. Watch this space for his no doubt slow progress.  ;)

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