Been gaming all my life one way or the other and I’ll try summing up my gaming-experience with a list of which gaming platforms I’ve been around in a chronological order. I never actually gave up on a system as dated as it may have been, and I enjoy revisiting the days of old when it comes to computergames either by emulation-software or by actually plugging in the old technology and taking it for a spin.

1979 – Around this time I seem to recall my father taking me to a soccermatch, and the stadium-café had some kind of noisy tabletop machine with a screen sporting blinking sprites in different colours. I dont remember the exact game, but man do I remember the feeling! Ever since I was hooked on arcades and tried most of the good stuff from Pacman and Pole Position to Ghost ‘n’ Goblins, Wonderboy, Bubble Bobble, and the later Metal Slug. Some of the best were the ones I don’t remember the names of or simply couldn’t decipher the title of because of strange asian writings
1980 – Pong-console connected to the TV and tried other obscure gaming systems, over at friends’ houses
1985 – Had been trying different Commodore systems at my friends’ houses and finally got myself a C64…oh the bliss!
1990 – Apple MacIntosh Classic II! Not many games, but wonderful computer…and Civilisation was more than enough.
1993 – While everyone jumped to PCs, I made up for what I had missed on the console-market. So I bought some used console-systems and the amiga 500 I had been longing for so long. NES, SNES, SEGA Master System and Sega Saturn had me gaming freakishly in the early 90′, while I got my PC-fix on my friends’ systems with Sierra’s awesome adventure-games, Lucas Arts legendary gaming portfolio and the revolutionary Wolfenstein and Doom
1998 – Finally got myself a crappy PC to play all the firstperson shooters, strategy-titles and RPG’s I had never had the opportunity to play in my own home. Also went for a Nintendo 64 system to keep up with the console-aspect of gaming.
1999 - Got myself a powerhouse of a PC…because of my study, ofcourse…This has been my preferred gaming-platform ever since. I got myself a taste of real online multiplayer action in Soldier Of Fortune and later Counterstrike and I was hooked. Online gaming was my new drug and I thought nothing could ever change my personal world of gaming, as much as this.
2000- *Enter Everquest* Now THIS is gaming! Ever since, I have had a subscription to most of the major MMO-titles (and some minor ones). I’ve BETA’ed most of the larger MMO’s out there as I’ve been real cyber-lucky, I’ve downloaded trials of the ones I couldn’t beta and tried out many a free asian MMO.
MMO’s has steadily become my favourite gaming-genre, and after 9 years of MMO’ing I’ve now come to know what I want from a MMO and what I DON’T want. My real life situation is VERY different now from when I first set my foot in Kaladim(Everquest), and this has had quite an impact on the way i play MMO’s, and how I control the part MMO-gaming plays in my life.