I guess I would class myself as a casual gamer, playing when the real world allows me time to do so. I enjoy exploring, questing and aiding others while gaming.

My first foray into MMO’s (Everquest)

I started my MMO gaming in 2001 on the Everquest server Mithaniel Marr before moving to Fironia Vie where I founded the Halfheight Heroes guild. Once the first European server Antonia Bayle was live I moved there to be around players with more similar game times, as I like to bump into other players on my travels. One of the most memorable experiences was helping with and taking part in, the server Olympics my guild Jesters of Norrath arranged. I actually won the naked ogre race, though failed miserably in other events such as the drunken dwarf race through Kelethin.

Not long afterwards another European server (Venril Sathir) opened, this time hosted in Europe. I moved there as Jesters was no more and was in a few guilds with Coalition of Twilight my final guild in Everquest 1. I also founded and ran a Venril Sathir server forum, where I was known as Vilesh. After a few years on VS my time in EQ1 came to an end with the announcement that Everquest 2 was in the making.

SWG and Planetside

Between Everquest 1 and 2, I had a brief spell in Star Wars Galaxies on the Chimera server and a longer spell in Planetside. I enjoyed both games though my time in SWG was brief as it just didn’t hold my attention long enough. Planetside on the other hand was a good game while it had a decent player base, something I could jump into even if I had a short time to play.

Everquest 2

Upon the release of Everquest 2 I found myself on the Runnyeye server where again I founded a server forum. With some friends from previous games I enjoyed my time there, though I was soon to move to Splitpaw when the new server was opened up. I joined a guild there with some friends and enjoyed my time with them until the guild grew too large for my liking, with the feeling I didn’t know many of my guildmates. One important aspect of gaming for me is the guild and as a result a few of us formed our own guild with the aim of creating a small close knit group. We started with the aim of making level 5 for the guild tag, we reached level 90 and even had various meets where a good quantity of beer has been drunk. Due to other members leaving EQ2 and a disappointing expansion I also cancelled my sub and I think my EQ2 days are now behind me.

Battleground Europe

Battleground Europe was my last PvP game of choice, a huge World War 2 mmo with a fairly steep learning curve. I’m an MMORPG’er at heart but this game drew me in and I only quit due to other games taking time and not wanting to pay another sub for a small amount of game time per month.


I along with my guild neXus tried Rift for around 6 months and I did enjoy the game, I dropped out once members of the guild drifted away citing lack of content after running through it once or twice.

Wurm Online

My current main MMO is Wurm online, a f2p (though I pay for a premium account) mmo where making your own place in the world is the aim. Graphics are nothing amazing actually looking dated at first appearance though once playing I soon forgot that and I now don’t see them as bad at all. If you want a world where you can mold the land in whatever way you wish, build houses, tame animals, sail your own boat and change a hill to a flat farming plateau then give Wurm a go. You’ll find me playing as Yetian on Deliverance as well as Naitey on the Pristine server.

The Secret World

I also play The Secret World, generally splitting my time in this MMO with the time I spend in Wurm online. The Secret World is something a bit different and I’d suggest anyone tired of the current MMO set give it a try. The skill system works well, the quests for the most part are not “kill 10 rats” and some are very tricky to work out. The Dungeons have barely any trash and most of the mobs after the first starter dungeon, require thinking to overcome. This game see’s my current primary role switching to tank, the first time I’ve done so since the original EQ. I’m enjoying it though I’m currently in the process of building alternate builds as it’s nice to have more than one job you can fill in a group.

Planetside 2

I also play a small amount of Planetside 2 from time to time. I play on Miller and was part of the reformed “The Phantom Commandos”, until I realised that we just didn’t have the time to make an outfit work. As primarily an infiltrator I tend to spend a lot of time on the fringes, annoying the hell out of the enemy. I have however, joined an outfit that existed in the original Planetside, Vanu Corporation. I can be found running with them from time to time doing my sneaky infil type stuff. Infil’s in Planetside 2 are now a sniper stealth class primarily. I prefer to play more like I did in Planetside 1, taking out people on the fringes with my knife/pistol/mines. Sure I snipe but that tends to be while I work out where I can get in close to cause a bit of chaos. I do yearn for hackable enemy vehicles and anti tank mines for infiltrators.

Other Games

Due to the guild members trying other games I also have a lifetime Lord of the Rings online account, though I don’t play at present. In LOTR my guild plays on the Laurelin server.

Currently nexus doesn’t really have a main game to call our home but our guild is still sticking together via our site and trying various games in varying numbers, EQNext is likely to be the MMO which sees Nexus return in numbers.