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May 25, 2011

Age of FREE-nan!

Oh lawd, that title is awful, but it’s what came to mind at the time.

Anyways, Age of Conan is going “Hybrid” Free to Play.  Free players won’t have full access to the different zones etc. but will be able to level to 80 without having to fork out some cash.  Subscriptions will remain, with subscribers being on a “Premium” account with complete access to all the content the game has to offer.

I did a brief foray into the world of Conan and since have the phrase “Warm Days, Pleasant Nights” stuck in my head from the excellent Tortage tutorial area.  Admittedly, the game didn’t live up to the high standards set by Tortage, but it was still a very solid MMO, with a fantastic almost targetless combat system and some awesome graphics, the “god rays” lighting in particular looks amazing.  I’m going to be dipping back in when the F2P change goes through, probably still have my bear shaman around level 30 kicking about if I can remember the account details.

Anyone else fancy some brutal MMO action?

(PROTIP: The Woman are Topless!)


Jul 26, 2010

Not Playing MMOs.

Ok, I guess I should come clean.  I’ve not been playing many MMOs in the last few weeks.  Odd trial here and there, a brief stint in Age of Conan, but that’s it.

Why?  Complete and utter bordom of the genre.  Why am I still posting on and reading the various MMO websites?  I know of all the good stuff that is just around the corner…

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Getting Mature Again

Age of Conan: Jungle PathwayAdmit it, we all thought the writing was well and truly on the wall for Age of Conan. Its bug-ridden launch and subsequent bad press seemed to ensure that it was headed for the same untimely fate as the Dodo. Even the sales assistant in GAME looked at me dubiously when I brought the box to the counter late last year and hesitated before gingerly asking me why I even wanted to buy such a ‘dead’ game. But with a stubborness matched only by the mighty Conan himself, the AoC Development Team have refused to go down without a fight and I think it’s only fair to give their valiant efforts another chance.

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