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Aug 3, 2013

Say no to ProSiebenSat.1!

As I am someone from Europe, registering interest in joining the rather blogged about EverQuest Next is becoming an issue.  If I wanted to, I could go to the EU site, and register there and be done with it, but unfortunately, SOE seems to be offloading EU players onto ProSiebenSat.1, who happen to be awful.

I’ve heard tales of items being lost in EverQuest 2, and GMs not doing a thing about it; characters being deleted after patches, servers going down unexpectedly and other general bits of crappery.  I personally had the pleasure of having money in my shared bank going missing after a patch, didn’t get it back, luckily it was just a few gold, but it’s not good enough.

If you play an SOE game, and are in Europe, and are not happy with this (and if you are, you are mental) please click HERE to sign a petition to allow EU players access to SOE’s superior support for their first party games (we won’t talk about how they handle other developers games).

Jun 4, 2011

APB = A Pile (of) B******s

APB Reloaded recently went into open beta, I’ve been playing it a bit, as both an Enforcer and as a Criminal.

The game has the exact same issues that ruined the game for me the first time it was released, which is a shame, as it still has the best customisation of any MMO going.

Problems that come to mind include, and not limited to:

Vehicle handling is off, cars seem too “floaty” and prone to major oversteer, and they generally feel sluggish, compared to how they were before, it’s gotten worse.

Weapon imbalance is a serious issue, this is Pay2Win at it’s most blatant.  Your default weapon has very poor range, power and accuracy, so you need to fork out to get something with a bit more guts in it.

Objectives are still as imbalanced as ever, if you’re attacking, good luck, once the defending team gets there, it’s nigh on impossible to take the objective, especially if…

… They’re aim botting.  I’ve seen far too many times someone run into a room, and perfectly aim and shoot at 3 people in 3 completely different directions with no hesitation.  Theres being good, and theres being a cheat, I believe this is the latter.

The perspective is all wrong, it’s a third person shooter, but it’s designed like a first person shooter.  All too often I see my shots not hitting the target because they’re hitting the wall i’m hiding behind, a proper cover system like GTA4 or Rainbow Six: Vegas should’ve been implemented.

Would probably clear up the issues with imbalanced Defense/Attack objectives, making a massively open world twitch based shooter doesn’t work, lag factors into the game far too often, the pace needs to be slowed down considerably.  The amount of times I’ve been in a team of players who jump around constantly like its Quake Live is daft, the weapons have a lethality that should force people into cover, but since the cover mechanics don’t really work, it becomes a grenade spam fest with a few frenzied close range shootouts inbetween getting sniped by people who’ve paid for a better weapon out of their own pocket.

Note: I am aware you can purchase weapons with currency you gain in game, but the prices are so immense, you really can’t keep up.

A few tweaks would make this game perfect, and as the game runs on UE3, it’s more than possible, but as it stands, I can’t really recommend the game to anyone, it’s a shame the majority of the character customisation options are locked until you make enough progress with the various faction NPCs, otherwise you could’ve played with that, sold some custom items and bought guns that way.

I know I’m not the best shot in the world, but I’ve never been so frustrated with a shooter before, I admit I’ve “ragequit” matches several times, but I keep coming back after each patch hoping things have improved.

Anyone else playing?  I’ve got a Criminal on Patriot or an Enforcer on Obeya if you got a clan going!

Anyways, here’s an amusing video, ’tis a bit NSFW mind.

Feb 8, 2011

Rift: new beta, new alt

I didn’t get much time in the latest Rift beta, only around 4 hours in fact, enough time to get a basic feel for my new alt though. Sicarii (not the EQ2 one, post about him to come), is a High Elven rogue with Assassin as his primary soul choice. In addition to Assassin I have chosen Rift stalker and bladedancer as my other 2 souls for the moment.

Assassin is based around the classic mmo setup, stealthy killer with poisonous abilities. This is where most of his points will be spent, with the majority of the rest going into Rift stalker which is a hard soul to explain. The Riftstalker has an ability to teleport forwards a short distance which can be handy to help reach your target quickly, this soul also has some defensive abilities as well as the usual Rogue dps options. The bladedancer is something I can’t really comment much on due to the fact I haven’t put any points in other than getting the basic soul abilities. Essentially apart from the Assassin I’ve yet to spend many points in my other soul choices.

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Jan 8, 2011

Some EQ2 Velious Details

Nexus Guild Member, and all round mysterious silent chap, Milkyjoe, found a post (now removed) on EQ2 Flames, looks like patch notes of a sort, few big changes in there, check after the break for more details.

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Dec 7, 2010

Rift CBT Phase 2

17-20th December, Rift Closed Beta Test, Phase 2.

VIP master race rejoice! Non VIP key people, cross fingers!

Probably going to a similar affair as the first Phase, but this time with 100% more Guardians, and no Defiants.

I tried a few class combinations out, Paladin/Beastmaster, Shaman/Justicar and Ranger/Marksman.  Problem I have is, I can’t decide which I like more!  Pally/Beastie is good for smacking crap up and doing a bit of DPS, Justy/Shammy is cool for general survivablity and (eventually) powering through hordes of mobs. Ranger/Marksman has a shotgun, that is all.

Without getting all NDA, anyone else play last weekend’s beta? General thoughts on it? (VERY GENERAL THOUGHTS PLEASE NDANDANDANDA)

Dec 3, 2010



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Dec 2, 2010


Just watched the Rift Beta trailer over at my BFF BigDownload, and noticed this (it’s 3:30 through the video by the way):

Sure looks like it could be similar to my favourite class of all time, EQ1′s Beastlord!

Not 100%, but that’s a dog in that icon, the pet perhaps? Arrow’s in a swirly thing? Regen buff? Ha, no idea! (but the buff the mouse pointer is over is a combat point regen buff, spiritual purity anyone?)

Rift may have just become so full of win, that its more brimming with win than Oreo cookies and Super Mario COMBINED!

Dec 2, 2010

I’ll just leave this here…

Will be done by the time I’ve written this too!


Don’t hate me!

Nov 24, 2010

Rift: Sanctum and Beta Keys

I received the latest issue of Riftwatch the Rift newsletter in my inbox yesterday detailing a new city in Telara. Sanctum is the home city of the Guardians faction where the King Cyril Kalmar resides and commands the Guardians in their quest to protect Telara.

The lore does mention that the leaders of the Elves and Dwarves are there too, the Dwarf leader having designed the city itself. There’s some nice info about the layout and the various factions residing in Sanctum so go have a read.

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Oct 31, 2010

Merry Halloween!

As Halloween is basicly Christmas for Goths, right? (RIGHT!) Below is some Festive gifts from my email inbox!

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