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Aug 2, 2013

SOE Live 2013 – Everquest Next

If you hadn’t noticed, SOE Live 2013 is currently happening over in the USA, they’ve been talking about Everquest Classic, Everquest II and today (Aug 2) there will be a keynote about Everquest Next of which there has been a complete media blackout by SOE as well as a rewrite from the ground up.

The first details are starting to emerge about Everquest Next, yesterday they gave a sneak preview of the Everquest Next theme tune written by Jeremy Soule (he of Skyrim Legend).

Everquest Next Theme

Everquest II keynote

Other keynote announcements included Expansion 10 for Everquest II, ‘Tears of Veeshan’, the main feature to be added is a new class called the Channeler, a priest archetype with construct pet with customisable parts that you can mix and match. It’s a range class healer type, sounding like a cross between a magician and a healer.

There are also mercenary slots and a revamp of Frostfell zone. They’re also adding Highkeep into the expansion.

Everquest keynote

Everquest’s next expansion (20 I think /boggle), is ‘Call of the Forsaken’, including voiceovers a new race/class combo (no details as yet).

More to come over the next few days…

Sep 12, 2011

The journey is half the fun

Recently I’ve tried a number of newer MMO’s and I have been decidedly disappointed in the journey. I like to play a game that allows me to adventure, where I can decide the outcome of my game.

This is something that I feel Rift by Trion World didn’t truly allow me. For those who have never played Rift, let me elaborate.

The game is linear, oh so linear, in fact until you hit around level 40 there is only one route for each race, then you have a choice of two zones and then for the last 2 or 3 levels before you reach end game you’re back into the last zone.

Well gee… I wouldn’t really call it an adventure, being led by the hand through zone after zone of quite dull quests to reach an end game that requires you to grind rifts that appear randomly doesn’t really appeal to me, I’m not saying first encounter with huge watery tentacles coming out of a funnel are not exciting, it’s just when you’ve done the majority of them they become a little dull.

So what makes a really playable game? For me the world has to be sufficiently big enough so that you can get lost in it, I’m not talking Star Wars Galaxy lost where you can wander for 10 minutes without seeing a soul, let alone something to attack, but somewhere you can adventure and it’s a novelty to see another player go past on their own little adventure.

The game world has to have multiple areas for you to adventure at your current level. I’d prefer 3 or 4 zones that look good than one zone that looks great, dungeons! What is it with outdoor zones? Some of the best zones in games I’ve played have been indoors, I’m taking you right back to the original Everquest now, but some zones that I enjoyed and where indoor, Befallen, Solusek’s Eye. Step forward to Everquest 2, you had Ruins of Varsoon and everyones favourite Stormhold.

Sometimes when you play a game you can be a few weeks in and suddenly you reach the end. It can be quite disappointing, I know I felt disappointed when I reached the end of Rift, because I knew that all I had then was to return to the zones where I missed quests and achievements, end game, grind out equipment (that is pretty disappointing) and those oh so annoying world events. Oh and crafting (easy, even I maxed out crafting…).

Rift’s levelling is far too easy, in the early part of the game you can put on 2 or 3 levels per 4 hours game play and in the later levels 40-50 you should be able to must a level in a 4 hour game session.

Everquest, Everquest 2 and Vanguard where 3 MMO’s that I played/tried that required you to adventure, quest and grind your way through the levels. Vanguard was certainly one of the games that I found tough to level, mainly because it wasn’t quite finished and when reaching the higher levels quests dried up a little, but the game was fun and interesting with multiple routes to the end level, stunning graphics for the time and it was very shiny, this made the game fun and created re-playability.

For me Star Wars The Old Republic looks to have that unique quest element that I will enjoy, the world looks a might disappointing at the moment from gameplay I have seen, I just hope it will have the adventure that I have been looking for.

My only gripe is that it is Star Wars, I have yet to enjoy any game in the Star Wars Genre more than Star Wars Rebellion (Ok it’s not an MMO but hey, I can have other passions).

Star Wars Galaxy was initially fun but they spoiled it and the dynamic quest system annoyed me as well as the ease that could meet characters like Darth Vader, which turned it into quite a dull encounter.

Like I said I have high hopes for SWTOR and with that I hope that Sony Online Entertainment take note for when they put together Everquest Next (Everquest 3), I want to return to Norrath and see what is in store for me, lets hope they don’t dumb it down like many of the MMO developers are doing these days.

Mar 28, 2011

I wish I could fly…

Oh wait… I can! Wooooooo!

Ok I’ve calmed down a bit now, I’ve just finished the flying mount line for crafters in EQ2. Yeah I know I could have grown one from an egg by now but hey, I’ve been busy.

Anyway I finished the last quest today and chose the Boreal Gryphon as my shiny new mount. I jumped on and flew around a bit in the Great Divide before deciding that the scenary was boring, it’s all a bit white you see, something about the snow. You think I’d love it with Yetian being a Barbarian and all but there’s only so much white snow you can see before it gets a bit much on the old eyes, though seeing the odd Dwarven head popping through the snow as they trudge through never gets old.

Anyway onto the mount again, well it erm it can fly and walk and oh did I say fly? Oh and as mine is fairly quiet I’m naming it after our none voice activated guildie Milkyjoe.

Well pics to follow but first a bit about the controls. To take off just press jump when running, jump also raises your height though most of the time I use mouse view (right click for me) to angle the griffon. That’s pretty much all I’ve worked out so far, there’s a nice animation as you bank sharply left or right well I think it’s nice.

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Feb 23, 2011

A stab in the dark

Strychnine the Ratonga Assassin in Darklight Wood.Introducing Strychnine the Ratonga Assassin, my latest EQ2 alt.

I decided to create a new alt as until Velious the latest expansion was released, apart from HQ’s and Sig quests my main didn’t have that much to do and Naitey my top level alt just waits in the wings to kill things when my guild requires something different.

Strychnine could have been either a Halfling or Ratonga and I ran a quick poll on twitter to see which people thought I should make, ending in a pretty one sided vote towards Ratonga.

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Jan 28, 2011

EQ2 Mobile – Iphone/Android App

EQ2 mobileIt seems EQ2 now has it’s own mobile App, which as far as I know is available on the iPhone and Android devices.

I haven’t played with it too much yet but it seems you can chat in game and with your guild, I’ve also heard you can send tells though I haven’t worked out how yet.

EQ2 Mobile home screenI have tried the guild chat and it worked well although a bit laggy though I was on an Edge connection at the time. I also have a fair few connection problems at first which our very own Wodge suggested could be related to the current EQ2 server merges, though it’s working fine now.

Character details, in game mail and maps are other features of the App. As I said I haven’t had that much chance to test it yet, so go grab it and have a play if your an Everquest 2 player.

The only thing I’m suprised about is as it’s SOE, I would have expected in app purchases on the iPhone. ;)

Jan 19, 2011

A big congrats to neXus!

My guild neXus hits max level in EQ2A big congrats to all members of neXus, my guild in EQ2 for hitting the level cap of 90!

Level 90 may be no great achievement to some guilds in Everquest 2, many raid guilds or larger guilds hit the cap quickly. My guild neXus however was formed as we wanted somewhere where casual play was the norm rather than a way of falling behind others. Where everyone helped each other out when asked, or even without being asked. We are a small guild, we have a tight recruitment policy to keep out those who don’t fit our ideals and have an active guild website.

Our initial aim was level 5 so we could display our guild tag over our heads, this quickly progressed through the levels before taking a bit of a slow down at the higher end. As a casual guild leveling is slow and something we accepted, never having any pressing need to push the number up. As time progressed many members joined a raid alliance which enable status to come more quickly but without the pressures of the guild having to raid on a regular basis.

As a result we now sit at the top level in Everquest 2 (for now) and all members of neXus can be proud that we managed to do it without sacrificing any of the values we set out to maintain.

Grats to all neXians and may it be the first of many such achievements!

Jan 15, 2011

EQ3 on PS3?

Eurogamer spoke to John Smedley, and he hinted that EQ3 or EverQuest Next as it is currently known, will be coming to the PlayStation 3.

When asked if it would be coming to consoles, he said “All I can say is we are a Sony company, and we are very, very proud of the work we’ve done on DC Universe Online, which is multi-platform; and we are very, very proud of the work we have done on The Agency, which is multi-platform”

Sounds like you’ll be able to play with a dualshock 3 to me.  SOE did try with EverQuest Online Adventures, and there was those EverQuest themed dungeon crawlers on the PS2 before now, but none on the scale of a ‘proper’ MMO, maybe the PS3 will be the next best place to play MMOs, FF XIV (which I hope will be half decent by march for the proposed PS3 release) DC Universe, The Agency all confirmed to be heading to the Sony console, and games like PlanetSide Next would be a perfect fit for a console environment.

Playing an MMO with a pad will be a bit odd, but it’s something I could get accustomed to.

Via Eurogamer

Jan 10, 2011

A sign of things to come?

A post over at thebanhammer has made me think about the direction EQ2 is likely to take now that we have EQ2 Extended. My initial fears once EQ2 Extended was announced have moved a step further to reality I believe. SOE have made the velious expansion beta forum EQ2x only, so you need to create an EQ2x account to post there. Only a minor change though it could be the start of a slippering slope where newer features or general effort by SOE is moving to their LF2P version.

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Jan 8, 2011

Some EQ2 Velious Details

Nexus Guild Member, and all round mysterious silent chap, Milkyjoe, found a post (now removed) on EQ2 Flames, looks like patch notes of a sort, few big changes in there, check after the break for more details.

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Dec 17, 2010

WoW Bot Ban

WoW bot banI came across this article today in one of my RSS feeds at work, regarding the banning of a World of Warcraft bot. I have to admit before this article I hadn’t heard anything about the issue, probably due to the fact I’m not a WoW player.

My interest in this issue isn’t WoW, but the wider implications this could have if the decision to keep the ban in place was overturned.

The arguement seems to centre around the fact that the creators of the bot in question say their customers should be able to use the bot as they purchased the game and should be able to do what they like to the game the purchased. The other side of the arguement is that customers are merely purchasing the rights or licence to use the game and that this does not imply ownership of the software or contents of the game.

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