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Sep 2, 2013

Why would you even call yourself THAT?!

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a week or so now.  It is good.  Very good, infact.  Unfortunately, some of the players have a less than active imagination when choosing what to call themselves in game…


I’m no roleplayer, but your name should your name. It is kinda immersion breaking to go on a quest to vanquish a great evil, and your party of brave adventurers includes someone called Epic Dave.  Above is just a small selection of the odd names people have selected, there are many more… I wish there was an actual person employed to check character names are at least names, and not something worse (which has since been fixed).  On my travels I’ve seen a load of truly awful/unoriginal names.  I now make a point of asking any Lannister I meet “Are you paying?” to which there is often a puzzled response, to which I reply “I thought a Lannister always pays.”  Oh god my sides!  There seems to be a lot of Lannisters and Starks, it was the same back in EverQuest 1 after the first Lord of The Rings film came out, every other character you saw was called Legolasss, Legalas, Legoolos etc. (also, I recall a fair amount of people changing their surname to Evanescence, after the pretend emo goth band, there is no accounting for taste it seems.)

Unoriginality seems to be rife, I’ve seen hundreds of Tifaa Lockhhart, Tiffa Lookhearts and other spellings.  The Striffe family seems to be huge.  Square Enix has actually locked out people being called Cloud Strife, Rinoa Heartilly et al, but they didn’t manage to stop people from deliberately misspelling those names. There is also a trend for vaguely Japanese sounding names, this trend is puzzling.  I get that the game is developed in Japan, but Final Fantasy 14 is resoundingly Western in it’s Medieval High Fantasy setting.  So far I have met 1 Samurai style NPC, and 100s of heavily armoured Knights.  Those Japan-esque names don’t really fit the style of the game.

I leave you with this:  Why did you think this was a good name? WHY?


Aug 23, 2013

PSA: Final Fantasy XIV Early Access Tomorrow!



Just a reminder that Final Fantasy XIV is starting early access tomorrow, 24th of August, at 9am GMT (please note: the UK is currently in British Summer Time (BST) and that’s an hour later than GMT).  Hopefully the login errors have been fixed, as well as issues with legacy character transfers I’m aware some people have been troubled with.

Myself and some people from Nexus will be rolling on the Ragnarok (EU Legacy) server, hope to see you in game! (and isn’t that the most adorable gif you ever did see?)

Aug 1, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: 2.0: A Realm Reborn: Part Deux

As Final Fantasy XIV is approaching it’s 4th Beta test (which will have no character wipes unless something truly awful happens), widely rumoured to be the 9th of August, not long before the games August 27th release date, Square Enix have decided to unleash their Benchmark and Character creation tool (available here).  My other half and I decided to make our characters ready, and I must say we look pretty darn spiffing.  There’s also a benchmark to see if the game will actually run on your PC; the games first iteration was notoriously un-optimised, but I’m happy to say it runs perfectly on my modest system.

Few more pics after the break.

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Aug 21, 2011

Final Fantasy Finally Fantastic!

Ok, maybe not “Fantastic” but it can now be called “Rather Eccentric” rather than “Immense Crap.”

I’ve recently reinstalled Final Fantasy XIV after leaving it 2 weeks after launch due to it being utter pap.  It’s now been patched up to 1.18 and I must say it’s beginning to be something rather special indeed.

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Jan 15, 2011

EQ3 on PS3?

Eurogamer spoke to John Smedley, and he hinted that EQ3 or EverQuest Next as it is currently known, will be coming to the PlayStation 3.

When asked if it would be coming to consoles, he said “All I can say is we are a Sony company, and we are very, very proud of the work we’ve done on DC Universe Online, which is multi-platform; and we are very, very proud of the work we have done on The Agency, which is multi-platform”

Sounds like you’ll be able to play with a dualshock 3 to me.  SOE did try with EverQuest Online Adventures, and there was those EverQuest themed dungeon crawlers on the PS2 before now, but none on the scale of a ‘proper’ MMO, maybe the PS3 will be the next best place to play MMOs, FF XIV (which I hope will be half decent by march for the proposed PS3 release) DC Universe, The Agency all confirmed to be heading to the Sony console, and games like PlanetSide Next would be a perfect fit for a console environment.

Playing an MMO with a pad will be a bit odd, but it’s something I could get accustomed to.

Via Eurogamer

Dec 10, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Under New Management.

I received an email today from Squeenix with some interesting news.  Final Fantasy XIV has had bit of a staff reshuffle, with a lot of new team members running the show.

FFXIV had a bit of a troubled launch to say the least.  As a piece of software, it works, never encountered any bugs/crashes.  The game’s problem was that it was a PS3 game running on a PC with no changes to reflect the PC’s strength as a platform.  Not played it since the first month, but I’m getting somewhat intrigued by the games progress (I still get news updates delivered to my email).  The game has so much promise, and I think this latest bit of news shows that Square Enix are actually listening to the players, and hopefully the game will now realise it’s potential.

Full email is after the break.

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Oct 6, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Why are you not very good? Eh?

Yes, I know I’ve been spamming nonsense about FFXIV for the last few weeks, and the game came out, yay!  Now I’ve decided to jack it all in, as it’s just not very good. Why? Lots and lots of reasons, disappointingly, the game has so very, very much potential, which I fear will be squandered by the developers, which is why I decided to quit.

After the break I go through the various things wrong with the game.

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Sep 21, 2010

Phat Lewtz!

Came home from work today, to find a MYSTERIOUS PACKAGE!!

What was inside? Was it a car door? No, too small.  Was it a golden beetle? Nope, too big.  Was it a Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition?

Yes, yes it was.

After the break comes my first unboxing, in pictures as video scares me… /cry

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Sep 14, 2010

FF XIV Pre-Release Party Info!

Square Enix, ever the party animals, have just concluded their Final Fantasy XIV party thing.

Firstly they showed the very fancy CG Intro to the game, well worth a watch.

Quite a few details on how the game will be changing for launch were revealed, a few new features, and hints to where the game will be going. I had some doubts about a few gameplay mechanics from the beta, but I’d say most of them have been removed with this new information.

The awesome folks over at FFXIVCore have summed it up for us below.

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Aug 31, 2010


So, tomorrow the open beta is due to begin! Or rather, was due to begin, read on below, complete with pictures!

UPDATE: PANIC AVERTED!! Beta is back on, a day late, means I can finally finish patching before it gets underway!

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