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Aug 7, 2011

Adventures in Error [201]

My guild is going through a quiet patch at the moment, we’re spread about on a few games, so the plan was to get a F2P thing we could all log into a few times a week.  Not decided yet, but it’s looking likely to be The Lord of the Rings Online.

Now I’ve had a go at it before now, and it was really rather good, but I can’t remember why I stopped playing it, until I reinstalled it this afternoon…

Loads of corrupted files in the downloaded installer I got from Turbine themselves, and then the game goes all Error 201 on me, constantly.  This is not good, and it seems I am not the only one who’s having this issue, it seems to be very common indeed.  This is why I stopped playing…

To me, this is a problem with the installer.  I find it very strange that the game downloads the installation files, then you can have access to the patcher.  Why not just have the game download through the patcher?  Since there are forum posts dating back to 2008, I guess this is a problem that won’t be fixed soon, but I will persevere, and hopefully not have to resort to torrenting a full install from the shadier parts of the interweb.

Sep 11, 2010


The town of TrestlebridgeJust a quick one today, regarding my progress in Middle Earth. My last level post in LOTRO was my level 25 post and I had intended to post again at 30, though I discovered a problem.

Now I’m in the mid 20′s my once a week drop into LOTRO means my level 30 post could be a long way off. So I decided to do a quick post (now I’m level 26 woooo), letting you know that Yetian is indeed still exploring Middle Earth. I’ve had my first tanking experience as you may know if you’ve read my last post regarding tanking (if not go read it ;) ), so this time around it was back to solo questing and exploration.

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Sep 1, 2010

Tanking in the Great Barrow

Confusing sign that sums up my first tanking experience in LOTRO.Tanking is something I used to do, haven’t done for a while and keep thinking about doing again. As you can see I’m certainly no expert at the moment and in my occasional MMO Lord of the Rings my main character is a Warden. Wardens are tanks though the kind that wear only medium armour throw spears and in my case has a penchant for fancy cloaks. I chose the class based on their ability to solo well and as I decided it was a good chance to play something I am not familiar with.

If your a reader (or should I say the reader) of this fine blog you’ll no doubt know I hit the level 25 mark a while ago and due to the dreaded real life and my MMO time spent in EQ2 I only just made level 26 last night. I like to take my time in LOTRO, so much to explore and get lost in as well as the fact that unlike EQ2 if you want to go somewhere you really have to travel there.

Anyway I digress…

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Aug 9, 2010

LOTRO – Level 25

Fishing in LOTRO

It’s been a while since my level 20 post, but Lord of the Rings online is my really casual MMO so things take me an age. It’s the kind of game that allows you to take your time, never feeling rushed to level. The scenery makes you stop and take a screenshot, something I don’t do as often in EQ2.

Yetian is now level 25 and although I planned to post at level 30, I decided 5 level posts would allow me to post more than one every 6 months.

As with most of my character posts there’s a few screenshots along the way to help explain what’s going on, mostly because I can’t remember what I’ve done in any detail so pics help, must be getting old. ;)

The first pic is of Yetian fishing, yup that’s right I broke off stabbing things with my spear to fish by a lake. It’s actually for a festival quest but did allow me to chat to a few people along the way. Granted I’m alone in the picture, so obviously my conversation wasn’t that interesting.

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Jun 22, 2010

LOTRO – Level 20

Into a DungeonWell I’m still playing Lord of the Rings Online after my latest return, popping in from time to time when I’m not EQ2′ing.

My Character Yetian is now level 20 and has entered the city of Bree, found my Kinship house and ventured into both the forest near Bree and the Barrows.

I am enjoying the game again and even at my slow pace there is plenty to see, with the views still outstripping other MMO’s I have played. The character models are still poor  though and I’m trying to get a decent black outfit now I can use appearance sets of armour.

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Jun 4, 2010

Lord of the Rings to go F2P

This Autumn, Lord of the Rings Online will follow Turbines other MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online and go Free to Play with a cash shop to match.

DDO has become very successful since it went F2P, and I have no doubt LotRO will follow it, but what happens to all the Lifetime Subscribers?  My guess is a mountain of in game bonus items and more than likely a few tokens for the cash shop every month with a discount.

I know a few people on this site have lifetime subs, your thoughts?

Via Joystiq

May 31, 2010

Return to Middle Earth

Yetian the WardenMy guild neXus has a branch in Lord of the Rings Online and a couple of our EQ2 members started playing the game recently. As I have a founders lifetime sub I pop in from time to time but it’s been a while since my last visit.

I decided I’d make an effort to get in at least once a week to say hi to them all and maybe when I gain a few levels get the occasional group. As it’s been a while I created a new character, Yetian the minstrel was remade to Yetian the Warden.

My main in EQ2 is a Warden though in that world a Warden is a healer, in Middle earth it’s a medium armoured tank with combo attacks. These combo’s called Gambits are interesting and a bit confusing at first as they can taunt, injure the enemy and heal. It’s taken a while to remember the combinations I have available at present and I still have to check the skills window often when I forget. Continue reading »

Apr 14, 2010

The difference a driver can make

My new Powercolor PCS+ HD5870Today’s post is not technically mmo related. This post is regarding the problems we gamers often run into with new technology.

I bought a shiny new pc around 6 months ago which included an ATI 5850 graphics card. As you may know if your a regular reader I play two main MMO’s, Battleground Europe for my PvP and Everquest 2 for my PvE experiences.

The 5850 was a nice card and worked great in EQ2, but Battleground Europe was another story. Despite the suggestions on the forums I could not get it to run the game for more than a minute without crashing. For me this wasn’t acceptable and as I knew the MD of the company I bought the PC from (I used to work there), I gave him a shout and he kindly accepted the card back, even though the card wasn’t faulty.

Out came my trusty Nvidia 8800GTX, the card I had run for the past 6 months, plus a couple of years before that. It ran everything I threw at it without issues.

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Aug 27, 2009

Virtual to Reality

neXus gaming guild

I have been in my guild neXus since our formation over 4 years ago, I am officially the Deputy Leader of neXus although we make all decisions as a group where possible. We founded the guild as we wanted a casual small guild where members knew each other and everyone would help each other out when they could. All of us  founding members had been in guilds who’s ideals were the same as ours and had some good, some not so good experiences.

People told us it wouldn’t work and that we’d never get anywhere with such a small guild…

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Moria Warrior

Mines of MoriaA little while ago I talked about one of the aspects of the Mines of Moria expansion for LOTRO that I was disappointed with (See: Fall From Grace). Now that I have had a chance to delve deeper into the halls below the Misty Mountains, I’m happy to report that the experience was a singular exception.

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