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Sep 24, 2011

The Old Republic Release Date!

Oh yes, 22.12.2011.  The Old Republic finally has a launch date, according to an email I just got.

After much speculation and “we’ll release it depending on how the beta goes” it’s actually coming out this year, just.  Obviously the beta testing went smoothly, so here’s hoping for a Rift-esque launch.  I feel sorry for the CS staff over Christmas, an MMO launch so close to Christmas day is a bit of a crazy move, but with Diablo III being pushed back into 2012, it’s the best way to maximise sales.

Something to do over the Festive period I guess!

Sep 8, 2011

PlanetSide 2 For Nowt!

PlanetSide 2 is going F2P.  This had to happen to compete, Tribes and Firefall being Free to Play made it seem like a bit too costly.  This also means I will definitely be playing from launch rather than “umm”-ing and “ahh”-ing until deciding to play it after everyone else has been playing it for a few weeks, condemning me to always being behind everyone else with the time based leveling skills system.  DAMN YOU TIME! DAMN YOU TO A SNAKEY HELL!

I do hope the F2P stuff is limited to fluff and not superior weapons.  Balance is of vital importance in a PvP player skill based game like PlanetSide.  The game will bomb if it becomes Pay2Win, and I will be very sad indeed.


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Aug 15, 2011

No, I am not the Hero!

I recently forked out some Brit Coins on a Star Wars: The Old Republic pre order, not the super swish collectors edition, as I am not made of wonga, but the Digital Collectors Edition off Origin.

After making my purchase, I decided to watch every official video on the official TOR channel on the YouTube.  I had ignored most of the information coming out and bought the game on the whim of a madman, so I thought I’d best have a bit of prior knowledge before it all kicks off at some point in a gala… no, not doing that!

It all looks really good fun, exciting and full of drama, adventure and the most important bit, choice.  One thing stuck out, the fine Doctors Muzyka and Zeschuk kept mentioning that they want the player to “feel like The Hero,” “make decisions to change the entire course of events on this planet” and other grand things that all Heroes do.

No! You’re doing it wrong!  I do not want to be a Hero, or Anti-Hero, or whatever.  One person, contributing to a cause,  this is what I want.  Being the Hero is fine in a singleplayer RPG like Knights of the Old Republic, but it doesn’t sit well with me in an MMO like The Old Republic.

My personal Star Wars fantasy would be carving out an existence on some outer rim planet, and hearing rumours about battles several hyperspace jumps away, maybe the battles come to my own system, then I would take up arms, and then maybe, just maybe, become the Hero of [Insert System Name Here], or maybe, the battles don’t come my way, and I continue doing whatever it is that I do.  The original trilogy of Star Wars films had loads of very rich Oral History, just a few words from the great Sir Alec Guinness had you thinking of far off worlds.  I have an imagination, hearing about great events performed by others is cool, I don’t need to be at every major event in the history of that Galaxy that’s far, far away…

In making You, the Hero, the centre of attention, it takes away from the importance of certain events.  If everything you do is “Heroic”, because it will be, as you are the Hero, then what distinguishes your “normal” activities from your “Heroic” ones?  Moreso, in a Universe where everyone is also a “Hero”, what makes you “Heroic”?

Everyone being the Hero works in Fantasy MMOs, daring deeds is a staple of the genre, and those Superhero MMOs like Champions Online and D.C Universe, but Star Wars is full of people getting by, smugglers and pod racers.  Not everyone is a Sith Lord fighting for the Empire, or a Jedi Consular saving the Galaxy one Cantina at a time.  I don’t need every action I take having far reaching consequences that are felt for generations to come, or somesuch blurb.

Really, I want Recettear as an MMO, in a Star Wars setting.  Who’s with me?!

Yep, just me.

Oct 24, 2010


Finally! It’s Happening!

Hi-Rez Studios (those fine folks behind Global Agenda) are making a Tribes based MMO, you may recall my love of the Tribes series from an earlier post.  I’ve been playing Global Agenda a fair bit in the last few weeks, lack of subscription and generally being quite different to other MMOs (what with it being shooting robots with lasers) have made it a refreshing change from Beards and Orcs.  Hi-Rez have promised to keep GA going as well, and they seem the kinda dev to do this, so we’ll have 3 Jetpack based MMOs available soon.

On the subject of GA, the game is still very much under development, with only 1 true solo PvE environment, but the level of quality is there, so I’m hoping for great things from the developers when it comes to tribes.  Hopefully they’ll also include the rest of the Starsiege universe, Walking Mechs are always good fun!

Anyways, just in case you missed it the first time, here’s my amazing tribes inspired comic!

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