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Aug 7, 2010

Farewell to the Fields

Due to the impending arrival of a mini-me my gaming time will be reduced for a while. As I haven’t been able to get in Battleground Europe enough to justify the monthly sub I have decided to let my subscription slide and for the moment at least I’m saying farewell to the battlefields of Europe.

It is a shame as I have enjoyed my time in the game, it’s something different to everything else out there and with the latest graphical patches the appearance of the game improved too.

I met some good people in Battleground Europe and had many a laugh on my squads voice servers as you can tell if you have a quick read of the Battleground Europe category here on this site.

I hope to return to the game once things settle down here as it’s nice to have a bit of PvP to go with my main PvE games. For now I’ll be sticking to EQ2 and LOTRO as I’m only paying for one of the two and with the LOTRO life sub it doesn’t matter if I only drop in now and again.

Jun 10, 2010

Battleground Europe 1.31 is live!

An Image of Bombs landing in Battleground Europe 1.31Last night I managed my first play session in Battleground Europe since the new update went live. 1.31 Is for the most part a graphical overhaul to the 9 year old MMO which is celebrating it’s anniversary by launching this new version of the game. There are other changes too such as the revamp of the capture mechanic but I only managed to get in on one building capture as I spent most of last night in bushes surrounding towns I was defending looking for incoming enemy.

I’ve taken a few screenshots to show you of said bushes and other random sights, I’m sure more will follow in later posts. One of the most impressive sights of my first session was when a dozen or so bombers dropped their bombs over the town in sync. I was on a nearby hill so had a great view of the bombs falling and hitting the town, complete with some nice explosion effects. Before any call of duty players read this and complain the graphics are not up to their standards think of one thing. We are not talking about a 30 player map here and a game that’s just been released. We are talking about a 9 year old MMO with huge open play areas with many more players, a game that due to it’s age is still mostly processed by the CPU rather than the GPU. In fact a squaddie last night told me that he overclocked his CPU to see if it improved his  frame-rate and noticed a big difference. Battleground Europe also as far as I know doesn’t have multi-core support so more cores won’t help, just clock speed. MMO’s have to cater for a wider range of tech due to their expected longevity and I think the new graphical changes for Battleground Europe look great. Continue reading »

May 17, 2010

The 329 minute mission

Firstly I apologise for the lack of pics on this post, it seems I forgot to press the screenshot button.

Anyway, this is a tale of 3 people with hours to spare in  a game where if you want to cross from the continent to England you really do need to sail for hours.

Sunday night is one of two squad nights in Battleground Europe for my squad SODS.  I don’t always make it on as I’m often playing my other MMO EQ2, but whenever I do we are always up to something. This week we decided in the early afternoon to sail to England from Oostende. The target was Ramsgate and Dfadd was to pick myself and Igor up (Igor also running Joskers account) and take 3 trucks to the English coast.

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Apr 14, 2010

The difference a driver can make

My new Powercolor PCS+ HD5870Today’s post is not technically mmo related. This post is regarding the problems we gamers often run into with new technology.

I bought a shiny new pc around 6 months ago which included an ATI 5850 graphics card. As you may know if your a regular reader I play two main MMO’s, Battleground Europe for my PvP and Everquest 2 for my PvE experiences.

The 5850 was a nice card and worked great in EQ2, but Battleground Europe was another story. Despite the suggestions on the forums I could not get it to run the game for more than a minute without crashing. For me this wasn’t acceptable and as I knew the MD of the company I bought the PC from (I used to work there), I gave him a shout and he kindly accepted the card back, even though the card wasn’t faulty.

Out came my trusty Nvidia 8800GTX, the card I had run for the past 6 months, plus a couple of years before that. It ran everything I threw at it without issues.

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Mar 28, 2010

Battleground Europe Beta – first impressions

After missing various beta server openings for a good while now due to other games or the dreaded real life, I decided I’d finally make an effort to get on. I often avoid beta’s of games I already play as I like to see things for the first time live, but curiosity got the better of me and I had to take a look.

I didn’t have long in beta so I can only report on a few things at the moment, hopefully I’ll get another chance to drop in soon to take some better screenshots.

A view over a town in battleground europe betaThe first image is a view from our mobile spawn over the town we were attacking, there is some nice scenery with the obvious change being the fauna. You can see some smoke from mortar’s in the distance and the system messages in chat that the Rats (Game Devs) were putting up for our attention, instructing us on what it was they wanted us to be doing. This is a beta afterall and we are there to break things, something I havn’t managed as of yet. I didn’t see a single bug during this first session.

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Feb 12, 2010

Battleground Europe – More on Axis equipment

A Bedford truck after it met with my 232I’ve now played a few Campaign’s since swapping to Axis with some of my squad and our new squad the SODS plan to stay there for at least the next campaign.

One of my new favourite unit types is the 232 armoured vehicle. It’s a very wobbly but very fast armoured car with an AP/HE firing main gun and a machine gun to back it up.

The picture here is what was left of a Bedford truck I blew apart as it tried to head to an FB I was defending.

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Nov 9, 2009

Out with the old…

In with the old!

As all gamers have to do from time to time, I’ve swapped my ageing PC for a shiny new one. I won’t go into the spec and all that as it’s not MMO related. However the graphics card is a key element in an MMO PC. I decided as the next generation of Nvidia cards were not released I’d go for the ATI 5850.

The card flew through EQ2, even on a full 4 group raid with max graphics turned on. Battleground Europe was another story however. Once I worked around the mouse freeze which was actually Windows 7 related, the most I managed to play was maybe 2 mins before the screen froze. This was repeated each and every time I loaded the game, screen freeze but sound continuing as normal.

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Oct 12, 2009

Hussars squad night: FB busting

A quick post this morning about the Hussars squad night last night in BE. I apologise for the lack of pics, I was too busy making a mess of things to take any. ;)

We started the squad night rolling out Tanks from what I gather. At the time I got online we decided to change our aim for the night and strengthen the Allied front line by spending the night blowing Forward Bases (FB’s). If you’ve read some of my previous posts you will know I often spend time doing this myself so I was more than happy to join the FB busting night.

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Sep 21, 2009

What’s your killer feature?

Rag Doll phsyics in WW2OL:Battleground EuropeWith the new Battleground Europe update on the way and shiny new toys such as rag doll physics and dynamic weather included, it got me thinking (scary thought I know ;) ).

All new MMO’s or updates to existing MMO’s introduce some kind of new feature. I remember when the original Everquest introduced a graphics update and everyone went “Ooooohhh shiny”! I remember when climbable walls were added in EQ2 which is also a nice idea, even though I couldn’t climb any old rock I wanted to.

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Sep 15, 2009

Squad night & Bombing Kills at last

On Sunday night I took part in the Hussars squad night again, I try to make Sunday the one night a week I’m always on BE so I can join in with the squad.

We decided to hit the factories as we’ve done before only this time with 3 trucks to split all our sappers up between factories. We flew from Mendig to Essen with Igor as the pilot once again, avoiding AI on the way and hoping enemy fighters were not there to meet us.

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