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Sep 19, 2011

CCP World of darkness

CCP the makers of EVE-Online and up and coming MMO Hybrid Dust 514 have spread their wings so to speak and announced their new up and coming MMO, World of Darkness.

World of Darkness is based on the Vampire RPG of the same name, White Wolf the publishers of the 20+ year old RPG have joined forces and announced details over the weekend.

You begin the game as a mortal human and have the opportunity to become an immortal vampire, they’ve also said that you don’t have to become a vampire and can play the whole game as a human if you so desire.

The developers are expecting the game to come with a Mature ESRP rating as they announced that there will be gore, nudity and blood, this will limit the reach of the game, but keeps true to the RPG style.

One of the key features talked about was the fluidness of the game.  Each player will have humanity statistics, that keep track of your in game experiences, if you grief enough your humanity is reduced, flagging you attackable by NPC and players alike.

Finally the game will have a social aspect, where you can aspire politically to gain prominence in the game world itself allowing you to reach the political heights in a city without killing a single player in game.

More news in 2012 from CCP and expect the release Q4 of 2012.