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Sep 23, 2009

Shards of Destiny EQ2 update

shard_of_destiny300_crmThe latest Everquest 2 update Shards of Destiny is due to go Live today on the US servers, probably tomorrow for Euro servers.

There’s a huge amount included in this update, such as a new x4 raid zone, a new zone the shard of love and achievement system. Self mentoring and a teleportation spire event are also included. There are also many updates to named mobs, player classes, a few existing zones and general game changes.

Shards of Destiny is a massive update and it will be interesting to see how the new changes work in game.

Sep 7, 2009

Leviathan – Who’d have thought it?

Leviathan - Unlocking VP accessLast night I was in EQ2 working my Warlock alt when a Leviathan pickup raid was announced in one of the chat channels.

The Leviathan is a creature you need to kill for Veeshan’s Peak access which is the final zone for every Mythical weapon quest in the game. In neXus we don’t actually expect to get our Mythical’s as we are not a raiding guild. We are currently working our way through TSO content with the main TSO group and have a 2nd group gearing up on the lower TSO content.

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Sep 3, 2009

Everquest II download changes a foot

A little on the late side compared to the blog that I got this information from, but it seems that EQ2 is about to undergo a change to reduce the download footprint for the initial download.

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Aug 27, 2009

Virtual to Reality

neXus gaming guild

I have been in my guild neXus since our formation over 4 years ago, I am officially the Deputy Leader of neXus although we make all decisions as a group where possible. We founded the guild as we wanted a casual small guild where members knew each other and everyone would help each other out when they could. All of us  founding members had been in guilds who’s ideals were the same as ours and had some good, some not so good experiences.

People told us it wouldn’t work and that we’d never get anywhere with such a small guild…

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Aug 18, 2009

Everquest 3?

Whilst reading a new site I discovered about MMORPG’s, a small news article caught my attention. The article in question talks about a 10th Anniversary Everquest book which in the final chapter suggests there is another instalment of Everquest in very early development. The author of the article comes to this conclusion from a piece of text in the book which does seem to point to another Everquest based game, though it gives no details as to whether the game would be an Everquest 3 or a console spin off.

I for one would obviously give EQ3 a try should there ever be such a game, as I’m a long time fan of the world of Norrath. I played the original Everquest for a good few years and have played EQ2 from beta until now. Despite EQ2 “dumbing” down a bit to appeal more to the WoW crowd than the original would have done, Everquest 2 is  still in my mind the best MMORPG out there.

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Aug 8, 2009

From Wizard to Warlock

Naitey the new neXus WarlockRegular readers might remember my creation of Gallish (Troubadour) and Bruenark (Beserker) as alts to have something different for guild groups. As my main is a healer and my other level 80 also a healer, I’ve been looking for something else to play when our other guild healers are in the group.

I had a 73 Wizard named Naitey with bright orange wings and eyes, every bit the Solusek Ro following Wizard. As we have another wizard in the group which our leader is using as his main, I thought betraying to a warlock would give us something we didn’t have.

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Aug 4, 2009

neXus takes out a level 80 epic WTF?!

Sebilis after Wizard epic updateFirstly let me apologise for the use of WTF in the title of this post. It will all become clear as the story of last nights EQ2 session unfolds.

I logged on to help Sofran get his Wizard epic update in Sebilis and our group formed up quickly. The nights group consisted of myself as Yetian (Warden), Milkyjoe (Guardian), Katary (Conjuror), Sofran (Wizard), Flashman (Illusionist) and MMO-Symposium’s very own Ffaffner (Paladin).

We entered Sebilis hacked our way down to the first waterfall area killed a named and Sofran had his update. Easy I know, this was only the beginning of the night however..

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Jul 28, 2009

Sentinel’s Fate – Details

The following additional info regarding the upcoming Everquest 2 expansion Sentinel’s Fate, was posted on our guild site by our member Shinn Asuka, thanks Shinn. :) I am not sure of the original source as Shinn was given the info by a friend so if anyone knows feel free to drop a message in via the comments or our contact form. I’ll put a link in the post to the original source If I find it.

Details below, along with some info about Game Update 53.

EverQuest II: Sentinel’s Fate

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Jul 18, 2009

Progress through the Moors

Moors of Ykesha DockMy main Yetian has finally finished the quests in Jarsath wastes, which I worked on to get a hammer that ports you back there. The hammer is handy when doing instances in Jarsath as it saves you some time getting to the zone.

I’ve now begun questing in the Moors of Ykesha which is the overland zone introduced with the TSO expansion. I’ve quested here before with my Inquisitor Mawmet though I didn’t do too many before playing Yetian as my new main.

The first image is of the dock where you land if your method of travelling to the Moors is via the airship from Sinking Sands. I don’t travel that way as I am a Warden and can open a portal to the Moors, or use our guild hall portal NPC to port there.

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Jul 7, 2009

Be afraid… be very afraid

As some of you may know (from other posts), my main is Yetian a Barbarian Warden. My other level 80 character is also a healer, Mawmet a Sarnak Inquisitor. I have a 70 Necro, a 73 Wizard and a few low level alts.

My latest alt and the one I’d planned to spend the most time on (between gathering Achievement points with Yetian), is Gallish my Kerran Troubadour.

The other day however a few guild mates suggested I level my created but pretty much untouched Dwarf Paladin, Bruenark…

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