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Apr 8, 2011

neXus enter Foul Cascade

Last night was the neXus group night in Rift and after enough logged in we headed off to Foul Cascade as it is one of 2 dungeons involved with out current guild quest.

With our level 50 nuketastic mage Xahr looking on and lighting the odd mob on fire the rest of us started killing/dieing both in equal measure at first until we got the hang on things. We ranged from 28 (our tank Ffaffner) and 40 ish (Aleksander) with myself and Faolan in between somewhere.

With the exception of a couple of nasty looking big troll-like mobs we didn’t do too badly once I remembered where my heal buttons were (group heal role) though my resurrection spells did come in handy.

There were 4 named none of which was really too much trouble until the final named the giant Gnar Queen (a big spider basically). The first few went along the lines of kill the adds then the named which we managed well enough. The witch caused us a bit of trouble until we worked out we had to follow her chat clues and kill the adds as she called them in. Aleksander found out after her death that her outfit fitted him perfectly, he did a great impression of her facial expressions too as you’ll see from the pics.

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Jan 19, 2011

A big congrats to neXus!

My guild neXus hits max level in EQ2A big congrats to all members of neXus, my guild in EQ2 for hitting the level cap of 90!

Level 90 may be no great achievement to some guilds in Everquest 2, many raid guilds or larger guilds hit the cap quickly. My guild neXus however was formed as we wanted somewhere where casual play was the norm rather than a way of falling behind others. Where everyone helped each other out when asked, or even without being asked. We are a small guild, we have a tight recruitment policy to keep out those who don’t fit our ideals and have an active guild website.

Our initial aim was level 5 so we could display our guild tag over our heads, this quickly progressed through the levels before taking a bit of a slow down at the higher end. As a casual guild leveling is slow and something we accepted, never having any pressing need to push the number up. As time progressed many members joined a raid alliance which enable status to come more quickly but without the pressures of the guild having to raid on a regular basis.

As a result we now sit at the top level in Everquest 2 (for now) and all members of neXus can be proud that we managed to do it without sacrificing any of the values we set out to maintain.

Grats to all neXians and may it be the first of many such achievements!

Nov 17, 2010

They really do exist!

We escort the guide to G FayNeXus performed our first EQ2 guide escort service today. It’s not what it seems don’t get too excited, I’m talking about EQ2 Guides the players who help out in game, kind of sub GM level.

Katary/Vannin went to help someone asking in game chat for help getting from the Commonlands to Greater Faydark. It turned out to be a Guide Roleplaying as an Ogre cook who wanted to see the beauty of Greater Faydark. I didn’t get the full story as I joined in at the Nek forest zoneline for a laugh. I’m not a roleplayer but it can be fun to do it now and again, throwing in the odd mad comment like “I began life here until a freak accident turned me from a fae into the Dark Elf I am now, I’m not complaining mind but I miss the wings”, I mean you have to have a bit of fun with it don’t you? It’s not realistic to think that those characters wouldn’t throw in bizarre comments like that, besides I really did change to a Dark Elf though it was less a freak accident, more a race change potion.

Escorting the guide to Greater FaydarkAnyway we escorted the guide from Commonlands to Greater Faydark all the way to the nursery so she could see the “beautiful flowers”, leaving her sat on a rock contemplating said beauty.

Myself and Katary received some candy for our efforts, mine is sat on our fuel merchants counter in the guild hall.

neXus are available for our EQ2 escort service, at the right price and no we don’t do any of that other stuff. ;)

It’s nice to see that the guide program is still going, in fact as I speak there is another mini event going on in the Commonlands to help a Grandfather find his Grandaughters baby dragon’s who have run off…

Jul 6, 2010

Guild Meet 2010

A drunk in LOTRO, a bit like some of us at the guild meetAnother neXus guild meet is over and a whole year until the next one, so sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been away/recovering.

This year we met up in Liverpool and headed to the Isle of Man (the home of our guild leader) for the last few days. The usual suspects turned up along with a few members we haven’t met before all of who soon found the beer and got on great with the rest of us.

Meeting new members is always interesting as I often wonder just how much you know someone from voice chat or even just text chat for those that don’t use voice. With all the neXians I’ve met so far though it is just like I’ve known them for a while anyway as I think all who turn up do use voice chat and so I’ve already spoken to them just not in the flesh.

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Jun 22, 2010

LOTRO – Level 20

Into a DungeonWell I’m still playing Lord of the Rings Online after my latest return, popping in from time to time when I’m not EQ2′ing.

My Character Yetian is now level 20 and has entered the city of Bree, found my Kinship house and ventured into both the forest near Bree and the Barrows.

I am enjoying the game again and even at my slow pace there is plenty to see, with the views still outstripping other MMO’s I have played. The character models are still poor  though and I’m trying to get a decent black outfit now I can use appearance sets of armour.

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May 31, 2010

Return to Middle Earth

Yetian the WardenMy guild neXus has a branch in Lord of the Rings Online and a couple of our EQ2 members started playing the game recently. As I have a founders lifetime sub I pop in from time to time but it’s been a while since my last visit.

I decided I’d make an effort to get in at least once a week to say hi to them all and maybe when I gain a few levels get the occasional group. As it’s been a while I created a new character, Yetian the minstrel was remade to Yetian the Warden.

My main in EQ2 is a Warden though in that world a Warden is a healer, in Middle earth it’s a medium armoured tank with combo attacks. These combo’s called Gambits are interesting and a bit confusing at first as they can taunt, injure the enemy and heal. It’s taken a while to remember the combinations I have available at present and I still have to check the skills window often when I forget. Continue reading »

Mar 6, 2010

Sentinel’s Fate – The Hole Part 1

nexus enter the holeToday’s pictoral tour of the new Everquest 2 expansion Sentinel’s Fate is The Hole. Those of you who played Everquest will remember the hole, things have changed.

It’s a nice zone though and as Keoq one of our members commented, it’s nice to see other people in a dungeon type zone.

I won’t go into details of what each pic is as I was healing at the time and didn’t have time to note areas down. As there are many heroic ^^^ mobs in the hole I couldn’t really go back and take notes. ;)

Instead, here is your chance to tour the hole with neXus. Your guides for the tour are Yetian, Milkyjoe, Urstrix, Katary, Gotchi and Keoq.

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Jan 18, 2010

Alternative video guide to eq2 by neXus

My Everquest 2 guild neXus has a regular group night on a Monday and someone (I might have had a hand in it ;) ), suggested we video the sessions. In our guild we often throw out the rulebook when doing zones, either because we never found it in the first place or due to the fact we just think “to hell with it”.

We thought it could be amusing for the gaming world to see our antics in Everquest 2. The first of our group nights to be recorded was Ward of Elements a 2 group raid zone. The link to our video on livestream is below.

neXus do Ward of Elements

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Nov 10, 2009

Yetian gets his Mythical

Yetian gets his Mythical Bite of the WolfThat’s right, the one thing I’d never thought likely to happen has ….. happened!

Yetian my main in Everquest 2 has managed to get his Mythical weapon, Bite of the Wolf.

My guild neXus is as some of you may know a casual none raiding guild. After joining members from the guild Benevolence on a pickup raid I started talking to one of their number Nillynip, about our guilds helping each other out when needed. This quickly progressed to Benevolence forming an alliance of guilds to raid TSO and Mythical content.

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Sep 7, 2009

Leviathan – Who’d have thought it?

Leviathan - Unlocking VP accessLast night I was in EQ2 working my Warlock alt when a Leviathan pickup raid was announced in one of the chat channels.

The Leviathan is a creature you need to kill for Veeshan’s Peak access which is the final zone for every Mythical weapon quest in the game. In neXus we don’t actually expect to get our Mythical’s as we are not a raiding guild. We are currently working our way through TSO content with the main TSO group and have a 2nd group gearing up on the lower TSO content.

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