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Jul 26, 2010

Not Playing MMOs.

Ok, I guess I should come clean.  I’ve not been playing many MMOs in the last few weeks.  Odd trial here and there, a brief stint in Age of Conan, but that’s it.

Why?  Complete and utter bordom of the genre.  Why am I still posting on and reading the various MMO websites?  I know of all the good stuff that is just around the corner…

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Feb 7, 2009

Yetian’s New Outfit

Yetian's current outfit, quested in Kylong Plains

Just a short post today, another Yetian and MMO fashion post. On our blog here we often post about upcoming MMO titles, our thoughts on MMO’s in general as well as our in game experiences. Personally a lot of my MMO related thoughts are brought about by my in game experiences which is where the previous post on  Yetian and Everquest 2 Tailoring came from.

Here is the current outfit I’ve managed to find for Yetian. The boots and arms are actually Tier 1 rare tailoring bits, soon to be replaced when I find new items. The chest and leg pieces are quested armour from the Kylong Plains quest series, a Tier 8 (around level 70) zone. So as things go Yetian a master tailor has had to quest for a new appearance set, typical SOE.

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Dec 15, 2008

Warhammer Online – End of the line for me

I first played Warhammer Online in the late Beta stages and then continued on when the game went live, but I’m afraid my time in this game has come to an end. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to WAR before release having been an avid games workshop fan as a kid. When I first entered the Beta stage of Warhammer Online I was looking forward to exploring the world I was so familiar with and seeing if all would be as I imagined.

The world itself was good fun to wander around, the races and their game areas pretty much as I imagined them to be. The Dwarves were gritty and beer filled, the Elves elegant and the Empire fanatical in their ways. As you can tell my first choices were on the side of Order, though I did try out a Goblin on another server and loved the comical actions of the Greenskins.

The game itself as you will probably know is split between PvE (player vs environment) and RvR (Realm vs Realm) combat. The PvE side of the game has some interesting ideas such as public quests and some quests a bit different to the usual types. I paticularly enjoyed dropping a rock on a Snotling and quests such as shooting harpies out of the sky. Public quests are as the name suggests, quests which need help from other players to progress. They are constantly running and you can simply walk in and take part in the quest, the stage you enter at and how much you do determine your reward. These quests were ok at first as everyone was playing in the same areas, but later on as people out leveled me I found them to be empty and therefore impossible to complete.

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